Merry Christmas!

We wish you all a great Christmas!


Christian Mejia can play for Poli

Finally, FIFA has given the Columbian wonder kid the right to play for us. This is not a final decision on the matter, only a pass until the case is debated. Mejia's former club had a three year contract with him, but his family and managers disputed the contract based on the fact that in Columbia you cannot sign a work contract below the age of 18, the player being 16 at that time. I wonder why FIFA couldn't make this simple decision 3 months ago, instead of making the player stay out of official games the whole time.

From another point of view, I've seen some clips of Christian in action. While indeed he is a great talent, which he has definitely shown us in the friendly against Vojvodina when he wowed the audience for the whole 30 minutes he played, I can't shake the feeling I got after seeing some 10 minutes of his supposedly best moments. In the end I got pretty bored seeing as each of his individual actions ended either with him being fouled or with a very lousy cross. Sure, he made his opponents dizzy from trying to keep up with him, but in the end, it's of not much use if the ball doesn't end in the net.

Of course, there is plenty to gain from such a talent, especially at his young age. And hearing Sabău praise him continuously, especially after seeing him in training, encourages me to think that Mejia will play an important part next year. Sabău is not the kind of coach to be dazzled only by amazing footwork. Rather he is impressed by hard work and disciplined tactics. And I'm sure he is not praising him gratuitously. But only time will tell.

Glad to finally have you, Christian, and we're looking forward to being wowed again!

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To keep Taborda or not?

That is the question after Pedro's excellent performance in the last match of the year, against Dinamo Zagreb. I don't know how much this will affect the staff's decision. After all, the Portuguese, upset that he didn't get many chances to play for Poli, asked them to let him go at the end of the season. So the decision to part came from him, rather than from the club. It's understandable from both sides. He doesn't want to be an 'eternal substitute', whereas the club doesn't mind having a good third goalie.

But while the club ponders over the final decision, here is what Pedro has to say about it: "I'm waiting for a phone from mr. Iancu to tell me exactly what he expects from me. Two weeks ago, he told me I was free to leave. But he also said that after the match against Zagreb we'll have a final conversation."

As for what he expects from Poli, this is what he said: "Most of all, I think I deserve more respect than I received until now. It's very hard for a 31 year old keeper to do something for his future, when he is not playing. It's tough to train all week only to sit on the bench. I would like to get more chances. I only got to play now, when there weren't other options available."

Taborda's downfall came right after last season's match against Mediaş (1-5), when 3 of the goals are attributed to him. He remembers the day, and also talks about his relationship with Poli's coaches and the other goalkeepers. "I never had anything against them, but I think I deserved to play instead of Supici. He was with the club only for a month, he came after an injury and doesn't speak Romanian well. Pantilimon is an excellent guy and a very good goalkeeper. He is still young, he has a lot of ambition and I believe he will go far. However, we are very different, and I am more experienced than him. It happens sometimes that a goalie receives 5 goals. After that match, there wasn't a more upset man than me. What was I to do? Jump into the first plane to Portugal and start working in some bar? Life goes on, I've got personality, I'm not afraid to go on the pitch. I dread that at the end of the month I get my paycheck but I haven't played a single minute. I'm not that kind of player."

Fans still support him, especially after the last two international matches, and the general opinion is that he should stay. "That means a lot for me, but the final decision doesn't depend on that."

As for a personal opinion about Taborda, I think his problem is that he just didn't give assurance that he is there when needed. At first, he was considered number one, but after a series of bad matches, Pantilimon deservingly got the front spot. Of course, he has made some goofs over time, which probably should have meant giving Taborda the chance to play. But let's see some of Taborda's matches, when he had to match Pantilimon's abilities, but didn't. Last season's away match against Craiova. Pantilimon had to be substituted at half time because of an injury. All second half we basically prayed that the ball wouldn't go in as Taborda was making a fool of himself. Then, this season, in the Cup match lost against Astra, the first goal was due to a bad deflection from his part. The equalising goal in the friendly against Vojvodina? Also his fault. Those are the chances Pedro received but didn't prove he deserves more.

I think that the club has no reason to give him away. A third goalkeeper is always necessary, so it all comes down to Pedro's decision, whether he wants to leave or not. If he wants to stay, than he must accept his position as third goalie and perhaps try harder to show he deserves more.

In any case.... Thank you, Pedro Taborda!

violamania.ro (Romanian)


Dinamo Zagreb - Poli 1:2 (0:0)

It was an excellent which finally brought a well deserved win for Poli, the only one this European season. A lovely match ensued, despite the frozen pitch, -5°C temperature and empty stadium due to UEFA's ban against the home side. It all started early on, when Slepička found himself face to face with Taborda, who excellently stretched himself to deflect the shot. Zagreb had a few attempts from the same Slepička and from Sammir and Mandžukić, as Poli was slow to heat up their engines. But while the inexperienced defense (Mera, Scutaru, Nibombe) couldn't stop the Croats, Taborda delivered his best game for Poli.

The violets came back to write down a few opportunities, as Parks and Bucur were very collaborative in the attack, each serving the other. First, Parks's header stretched Butina quite a bit, then Bucur failed to connect with the ball crossed by Parks in front of the goal, after a remarcable action from the Costa Rican. Butin also had to be on his toes to block Maxim's free kick attempt, and Stancu's long distance shot. The game died down towards half time.

The second half, started with Dinamo pulling the strings, allowed by our shaky defense, which failed to clear the ball. This enabled the adversaries to stay in our own half for many minutes, and had numerous consecutive corners. They were all delivered to central defender Lovren, which Mera, despite being taller then him, lost duel after duel. Luckily, Lovren's headers weren't effective either. Taborda once again had to stretch himself to block Ibáñez shot.

Like in the first half, Poli striked back, with Bucur handling the ball well on the left, made his way to the goal line, and lobbed the ball back, excelently finding Curtean, who I forgot was even in the game, but, too sure of himself, he put it over the top post, despite having the perfect position. But two minutes later, Parks received the ball close to the box, found Bourceanu on the left, whose cross missed Bucur, but arrived at Stancu. Stancu's shot was good, because it wasn't full on, but rather to side, and Bucur could deflect it into the net. His first goal in the group stage.

But when Zagreb's attempts couldn't beat Taborda, Sivonjić did well to fool our play at offside, and his poor shot went past our keeper. Scutaru was there, but somehow, instead of clearing the ball, only helped it hit the back of the net. Maxim also had a very good night, with a great left flank incursion, putting the ball consecutively past two opponents, but his cross was blocked. Nevertheless, on another occasion he delivered it to Parks, who deflected it back to the 16 meter line, from where substitute Goga put it past Butina for 2-1. The game ended with Claudiu Ionescu and debutant Matei on the pitch.

It was Poli's best match in the group stage, and a wonderful end to a great European campaign and an excellent year all over. I said that Magera's absence would cost us dearly, but Sabău did well to contradict me. Bucur and Parks played on the same line, and close to the midfielders, which meant none of them was ever isolated, both changing from servant to receiver. One occasion, even found Bucur in our half to pass for Parks who was way up front.

Even with three defenders, their lack of experience proved to be decisive on many occasions. I think there wasn't a single time when they cleared the ball on first attempt. Luckily, Alexa stepped back to help them, blocking numerous balls. Tactically, Poli played perfect, isolating their midfielder, Morales, his teammates, unable to offer him any good passes. Instead, they resorted to incursions on our weak central defense, but, like I said, Taborda ended his counts with Poli, giving his best performance. Bourceanu on the other hand was very often the connector between Poli's attackers and displayed good effort as usual. Our flanks were excellent, both Stancu and Maxim showing they can achieve more than we think. Curtean, however, was invisible and his performance appalling.

This win also enters history as the first away win in European competitions ever for Poli. Bravo!

Poli: Taborda (8) - Stancu (6), Nibombe (5,5), Mera (5,5), Scutaru (4), Maxim (6,5) - Curtean (5), Bourceanu (6,5), Alexa (7) - Parks (6), Bucur (6,5)


Goga for Curtean (min 75)
Matei for Bucur (min 88)
Ionescu for Parks (min 90+2)


Match preview: Dinamo Zagreb - Poli

It's the last match of the year for Poli, and our last chance to score a victory in this European endeavour. And it will be extremely hard to achieve it now, considering all the absences on our side. It will probably be Taborda's biggest match, but even if he will give his best, we can only hope that his abilities will not betray him. It will certainly be Dubou's most wonderful night, even if he doesn't play a single minute. He will be Taborda's substitute, as he is Poli's circumstantial third goalie in the Europa League. Because of UEFA regulations, an additional set of players could only be listed if they are under 21 and have played for the club for at least 3 years. Since second team's Colbiş has only been with us for one year, his substitute got the chance to be put on the list. Of course, it was never expected that he would be necessary, but Pantilimon's elimination changed that. Supić could not play either because he was already used by his former team.

Bonfim will be absent, also because of an elimination in the last match. Without him, only Magera will probably have offensive duties midfield, otherwise the team would be split in two, with not many balls reaching the strikers. Considering these circumstances, I approve Sabău's decision to give a chance to the players that have played less.

But I also hope that we will see players like youngsters Adrian Ganea or Matei. Even Ionescu would be nice to see, as despite having a good season start, he has disappeared from the team. There is a fear not to be ridiculed, but in these conditions I think sending in a younger team would be actually beneficial. Some of the usual players are already thinking of the holidays, and will not be very concentrated on a very unimportant match. Younger players will terribly want to show their worth and will give their best.

If we think about it, the defense is in terrible shape anyway, it can't get much worse than that. But at least we could see a very disputed, ambitious game, rather than the last two. Almost three years ago, Marian Iancu decided to send in Poli's youngsters against another Dinamo. The result was an incredible 1-1. Why shouldn't that happen again?

To look on the bright side, we can see a few advantages. The "substitutes" might be more motivated and perhaps we might even take Dinamo by surprise. The fact that they are still in the stakes to qualify can come back against them. Of course, if we look on the other side.... Our chances our low. Very low. We can at least hope for an intriguing game. If we manage to score a goal, even if we concede 5, I would call that a success.

So come on, Poli!


FC Braşov - Poli 1:0 (0:0)

Poli started with the best team available, and in the first few minutes they really looked good, playing the ball around, trying to penetrate the defense. Magera got a good try early on. But as our side kept exercising their passes on a harsh pitch, at -5 degrees Celsius outside, Braşov started to get into the game.

The fact that after a few good passes, the ball would be lost, usually by Magera didn't help at all. As the half time was drawing nearer, Braşov closed in on the goal. First, a good header, but which couldn't bother the 2m3cm Pantilimon. Then, Zaharia managed to break from Nibombe's close marking and executed a great shot which shook the top post. Poli's only real opportunity was when Ezequias, under Bucur's pressured hit the ball to softly. Mincă, however, was quick to react stopping our striker from reaching it.

It has come to my belief that even when Magera plays bad, he shouldn't be pulled out. This could be the reason as to why, in the second half, when Parks replaced the Czech, Poli was not to be seen on the pitch. It was just Braşov all the way. Măldărăşanu was the first to announce the goal, after a diagonal cross to Pantilimon's near post, but his header was poor and went over the bar.

The goal came after a corner kick, deflected to the far post, where Bonfim did nothing to block Diogo. Pantilimon jumped from his side to the other, but without actually trying a save. The ball went past him and that was that. Nothing changed in Poli's game afterwards, no inspiration, no ideeas, no ambition. Even though Braşov slowed down a bit towards the end, we just couldn't create a clear opportunity.

Only bad words for the players, and even those who made a mark on the game, made a negative one. Magera could be seen as the culprit, but I would think otherwise. At least he was in the game, as opposed to other players like Goga or Chiacu, which almost couldn't not be seen. And even though his passes or deflections didn't reach the target, it wasn't always his fault, as the target also needs to be there to receive the ball. Anyway, I think his absence was decisive in the second half.

A very troubling aspect is the fact that Bonfim keeps making mistakes in defense. Pretty soon I'll be running out of fingers counting the goals we received in which he was not doing his job right. While not flagrant errors, he is just innefective in stopping his adversaries. No matter how good he is up field, this is just inadmissible. Even Artiom doesn't play this bad as defender. Speaking of the twins, they were both introduced in the second half, but miracles don't happen just like that. Parks, too, had nothing to say about the game.

It is sad to end the year with a loss, especially when this means we fall out of the leading bunch, trailing 3 points. But there are still many games to play and a lot can and will happen over the winter. It seems this season, the break will be quite short, as the championship is due to kick off in mid-February.

Poli: Pantilimon (5,5) - Bonfim (4,5), Luchin (6), Nibombe (5,5), Maxim (5) - Bourceanu (6), Alexa (6,5), Chiacu (5) - Bucur (5,5), Magera (5), Goga (5)


Parks (5) for Magera (min 45)
Art. Kramyan (5,5) for Chiacu (min 57)
Arm. Karamyan for Maxim (min 74)


Magera's regrets

Short after the incident, the speculative press was fast to have the Czech player offered to rivals Dinamo Bucharest. Overlooking the fact that it's idiotic of a club to "suggest" a valuable and important player to any other club, the amount he was to be sold for was way under his real value - a mere 600,000 Euro. Politehnica Timișoara immediately denied the whole story.

Lukas also relates how he and his teammates joked about the whole matter. "We were all laughing about it in the lockers. On Monday they said I was to be fined for 10,000 Euro, the next day that I was to be transfered to Dinamo. It's out of the question. I've come here to play for Timișoara and I will train daily to prove that I deserve to be on the team. I'm not thinking of any other team because I have no reason to. I am very happy here, I don't have any conflicts with anybody. It was a regrettable incident, which I hope will not come back to haunt me in the future."

He goes on to describe his feelings and what happened at that dreadful moment: "It was the last home game of the season and I greatly desired to play till the end. I was feeling very fit for that. Something just came over me when I saw my number called of the pitch. I now realize my mistake and regret it greatly."

Magera confesses that the next day he came to the stadium early to have a talk with the coach and apologize, explaining that he had nothing against him and that it wasn't about disrespect. "I know I made mistake and that I have to accept it and the coach's decision. I wish to have a conversation with him, although I have no doubt I will be fined. But I hope to convince him that I deserve to play in the future."

Rumours that the Czech has a habit of partying late at night have been infirmed. Magera denies them: "I spend my free time at home. If anybody says otherwise, they're lying. My case is clean and I have nothing to hide."

violamania.ro (Romanian)


Magera's breakout

During Sunday's match against Pandurii, Lukas Magera was changed in the 51st minute. Angry of the decision, he threw his t-shirt on the bench, and left for the showers, without turning around, or looking back to his teammates. A very rude gesture, regardless of the context.

People admire the dedication he's been putting into his game lately. His frustration could also be amplified by some of the "dead hands" on the pitch with him. But, nevertheless, such behaviour is to be condemned. It's bad for the whole team. What is the coach to do, when he knows the player doesn't like him and criticizes his decisions? Or what about his teammates? Surely the spirit of the team is affected.

But I don't agree with the staff's attitude after the match. Sabău shouldn't have expressed what his attitude will be towards the Czech. That only amplifies the conflict. It's well known that there are strict disciplinary rules that are applied in such cases. Other comments should be restrained. Club President Chivorchian's reaction was even more spiritual and harsh. Why bash such an important player, when this is his very first breakout and there have been many other such cases, that were overlooked.

I think the case should be shut closed and forgotten. Apply the rules, a fine should suffice and that's it. The rest should remain inside the club, not released out in the world, to be exaggerated by the ruthless press. Magera's reaction was the best of all those involved. He apologized, fully deserving the applause he received after leaving the pitch:

"I had an inadequate behaviour. I let myself overwhelmed by my emotions and I want to apologize to the management, the club, the coaches, my teammates and the fans. It's untypical of me to have such outbursts and I now regret what happened."

www.politimisoara.com (Romanian)


Poli - Pandurii 1:0 (1:0)

A chilly evening greeted Sunday's match, where not more than 5000 assisted Poli's win over Pandurii Targu Jiu. The violets started good, having good chances, the first one in the 6th minute, when Magera found Parks in the box, but the Costa Rican shot wide from a difficult angle. After a few more attempts, the 11th minute brought our team's goal and basically the end of the match. Goga's shot was going wide, but Bucur was in its path, and from 6 meters it was a simple formality.

Poli set way back into a poor and uninspired game, despite controlling it. Three more notable opportunities in the first half: a header by Bucur in the 15th minute and another one from Nibombe towards the end, which was incredibly saved by goalkeeper Stanca. A beautiful team play ended with a shot right below the top post, but the same Stanca was right on it. Pandurii tried to score on the counter-attack, but were quite easily stopped by Nibombe, Luchin or Pantilimon, the latter having a spectacular, but not really difficult save.

In the second half, Poli started less enthusiastically, letting the opponents take slight control of the match, especially after Magera was substituted for Chiacu. Luckily they weren't too inspired, but still were getting closer and closer to our posts. Artiom Karamyan's entrance improved things a bit and Poli started to keep the ball. Most danger came on the left flank where the Armenian had some good incursions with the help of Bucur, and backed up by Bourceanu. This finally ended in a good shot from the first, which was deflected by Stanca, who was on a really good night. Karamyan's balls into the box were still defective, though...

In the end, all that matters is that we won, and we maintain first place, still because of superior goal difference to the other 3 teams: Urziceni, Steaua, CFR. Other than the names highlighted above, Nibombe made a good comeback after his hustle with the cold, a bit shaky in the first few minutes, but very sure of himself for the rest of the match. Parks was a bit of a mess, almost all his touches being awful. Magera wasn't on top either, as is his current trend, but certainly not the worst on the pitch. He was changed early in the second half, and had an unnecessary reaction, throwing his t-shirt and heading straight for the showers. But more on that later.

Poli: Pantilimon (6) - Bonfim (6), Luchin (6), Nibombe (6), Maxim (5,5) - Bourceanu (6), Alexa (5,5), Goga (5) - Parks (5), Magera (5,5), Bucur (6,5)


Chiacu (5) for Magera (min 51)
Art. Karamyan (5,5) for Goga (min 69)
Stancu for Parks (min 85)

A notable event happened at half time, when Poli's supporters arranged a moving choreography, accompanied by hearty applause, to celebrate the memory of those who fell twenty years ago in the fight for freedom. Respect to all of them!


Poli - Ajax 1:2 (1:1) [0:0]

That is how the match went out: 1-1 at half time, 1-2 after full time and 0-0 in the 30 minutes Poli played in 9 men. It was indeed a great night for football, which started perfectly for Poli right in the second minute, when a long diagonal pass, excellently headed by Stancu found Bucur in front of the Dutch defenders. The small striker struggled to lay down the ball, and lost a pace or two, but was inspired to turn around and found Goga who put it past Stekelenburg.

However, Poli's defense was as shaky as ever, with Nibombe struck down by a cold in the short time before the matchday. Not confident on Scutaru and Mera to form the centre of defense, Sabău relied heavily on improvisations. Bonfim was brough from the right flank to play as the third central midfielder, and Karamyan was pulled down the field. It was the armeanean who was totally baffled by Luis Suárez on our left flank. It's true that the ball was deflected somewhat luckily to the Uruguayan, who then hit the ball with exterior, shaming Pantilimon at the near post, a bit before the 10 minute mark.

The rest of the first half was quite balanced, with both teams getting quite close to goal. Ajax tried to prove their worth through their speed and our patched-up defense, but really it was their strikers - Suárez and Pantelić - who were the most dangerous, and the most forgiving, as both missed a series of good occasions. Poli's possessive play wasn't that good, with Magera in bad shape. At most times, he was one step behind the ball, and his frustration grew as he couldn't find his place on the pitch. It was he who offered the ball to the opponents, letting Pantelić have the first opportunity in the 4th minute. The Czech almost put it in from a free kick, after another try, but from the other side, by Bourceanu. The latter, also came close to score after a well worked attack from the whole team, but Stekelenburg dived to save it. The second half was looking open to any outcome.

And it start it, like the first, with an early goal. Pantelić was found perfectly between our defenders, who were neither marking the Serb, nor playing for offside, and it was a mere formality for him to score. The disaster struck in the 53rd minute, when in a similar situation, Bonfim desperately struggled to catch Donald, who decided to fall in the box. The unforgiving Italian referee decided: penalty and elimination. A hastened decision if you ask me, enhanced by some dubious offside positions uncalled by the linesman, who seemed a tad slow and bad-sighted. The high-tech transmission also seemed to be defective or otherwise reluctant to show concludent replays.

But in such situations, fighters do not let down, but rise to stand tall, as Pantilimon saved Suárez's poor penalty. Bucur could have made a miracle when he darted towards goal but was stopped by an disproportionate duel. This time, however, the ref decided no foul. In the 62nd minute, Stancu was outrun by Suárez and his effort to deflect the ball only let the Uruguayan a clear path to goal. Pantilimon was late and toppled him just inside the box. Once again, penalty and elimination. Taborda came in for Bucur, as the crowd chanted both goalkeepers' names. Suárez once again, different man in front of him, but the rest was the same. Same shot, another save, and the Uruguayan sealed his title of goof of the Europa League: 27 shots on goal, only 2 in the back of the net.

With 2 men down, Poli had little to say offensively, but played sturdy to keep the Dutchmen far from goal. Ajax also seemed not wanting to push, as their qualification was set in stone, but still had lots of opportunities, including two coming off the top post. The only spark was coming from their captain whose frustration grew and grew, one huge miss after the other.

A good, ambitious play from Poli throughout the match, but the poor defense made its definite mark at the end of a high-spirited night. Kudos to all the players for their dedication! The team left the field after their last match at home in the Europa League this season, in the applause of the whole crowd.

Poli: Pantilimon (5,5) - Bonfim (4), Scutaru (4,5), Mera (5,5) - Stancu (5,5), Bourceanu (6,5), Alexa (6,5), Art. Karamyan (5,5) - Bucur (6), Magera (5,5), Goga (6,5)


Parks (5,5) for Magera (min 50)
Taborda (6,5) for Bucur (min 62)
Maxim for Goga (min 73)


Match preview: Poli - Ajax

Well, we're back on 4th place, where we belong. Zagreb's appeal was successful, UEFA deciding to give them their 3 points back, leaving them with a big fine and a harsh final warning. This doesn't change anything, our qualification chances remaining the same: almost nil.

That being the situation, all that is left for us is to play for pleasure and for prestige. We are yet to win a match in the Europa League, and a match against Ajax would be the perfect occasion. Although the Dutch side isn't what it used to be, they are still a great team, and our 0-0 draw in Amsterdam was stretching it, at best. It was an easy trip for them, now topping the group table along with Anderlecht. In the championship they are only 3rd, but for the last 6 matches, except a 1-0 loss in the derby against current leaders Twente, they've thrashed their opponents, scoring 4 or 5 goals per match. These include 4-2 at Alkmaar and 5-1 against Feyenoord.

And since Poli's staff has announced they will play offensively, it looks like a match with lots of goals coming up. This is the right choice, since there is nothing to lose, and the last two matches have shown us how beautiful Poli can look. It sure would be nice to see how the team that can beat Dinamo 2-0 and score 6 goals at Mediaș can do against a valuable adversary such as Ajax. And it is time that the fans finally see some show in this much praised Europa League.

Ajax only needs a draw, so they will most probably play a waiting game and try to score on counter attack. So we'd better beware, as the last time this was the case, we lost 1-3 to Anderlecht. An early goal would be best for us, as that would make life easier. At Amsterdam we resisted because we didn't let them get close enough and all their chances were long shots that even Suárez, the League's player with most shots on goal, couldn't put past Pantilimon. Wednesday evening, however, will be much different as we will have to press forward. It will be interesting to see if the team can do the same possessive play like in the last two matches.

Devoid of mathematical complications, with only prestige at stake, it is looking to be a very interesting match indeed.

Gaz Metan - Poli 2:6 (2:2)

Poli was set to face an ambitious team and a harsh pitch in what turned out to be a wonderful game of football.

Following the style used in last week's match against Dinamo, Sabău sent in a truly offensive 4-3-3 line-up, with Magera, Parks and Bucur up front. Even though Alexa and Bourceanu were both in the starting eleven, the latter didn't play his usual role of defensive midfielder, instead he was given attacking duties. And indeed, in the 27th minute, Parks found him in the middle of the box. Bourceanu swerved and lobbed the ball in, his first goal for Poli.

Afterwards, they stepped back a bit, and Mediaș was really able to be dangerous, ending with an excellent shot in the corner of the posts by Todea in the 38th minute. Our side snapped back, and an almost identical situation as the first goal happened in the last minutes of the first half. This time, Bourceanu's shot which was going right under the top post, was deflected by a defender, using his hand. A red card and the penalty was transformed by Bucur. On the replay, however, Bud fell easily inside the box, and the referee offered a penalty kick for Mediaș. It was 2-2 and the first half ended.

Lazăr's elimination proved to be very harsh on his team. Poli took control of the match. And while at first they seemed to be struggling to find the goal, the opponents did almost nothing to try and control the ball. This proved fatal. In the 56th minute, Karamyan remembered his good days and offered a great free kick right on Alexa's head, who scored his second goal for Poli since 2007. Unshackled, Poli played more relaxed and confident. They started passing the ball around, all over the pitch, for several minutes and tens of passes. In the end, the Mediaș players were left weary, as Bonfim finally found Bucur alone for his second goal. Top scorer for Poli before this match, Goga was sent in, and after a 1-2 with Magera, tied Bucur with 6 goals. But the small striker decided that it was time he once again be Timișoara's top scorer, ending the night with a hat-trick. It is incredible how in just 2 matches Bucur went from 2 to 7 goals, now being just one behind the championship top scorer, Craiova's Florin Costea.

An excellent result, which was possible because each and every player had a say in the game. There is not one which deserves to steal the whole glory. Bourceanu was the best in the first half, perhaps wanting to outdo himself after foolishly being eliminated with Steaua. But Parks was the one who served him on both occasions, the Costa Rican's inspiration proving to be decisive at moments. Artiom Karamyan made a good match, showing us is not yet too tired to play well, while it is getting harder for Magera to be the decisive player of a match since everyone is playing so well. It was also the debut match for Supić, and while receiving 2 goals is not a nice way to start, there was not much he could do about them. Other than that, it's not enough to make a good impression, except for the fact that he is very good at intercepting high balls. Bonfim's excellent form showed once again, both in destabilizing the defense and offering the decisive pass.

After this round, five teams once again share the top spot, with 28 points, but because of the devastating goal difference of 28-11, Poli is considered the leader.

Well done, Poli! Let's go for max in the last 2 matches.

Poli: Supici (6) - Bonfim (7), Luchin (6), Nibombe (6), Maxim (5,5) - Bourceanu (7,5), Alexa (6,5), Art. Karamyan (6,5) - Bucur (7), Magera (6), Parks (6,5)


Goga (6,5) for Maxim (min 53)
Arm. Karamyan for Parks (min 73)
Curtean for Bourceanu (min 79)