Magera's regrets

Short after the incident, the speculative press was fast to have the Czech player offered to rivals Dinamo Bucharest. Overlooking the fact that it's idiotic of a club to "suggest" a valuable and important player to any other club, the amount he was to be sold for was way under his real value - a mere 600,000 Euro. Politehnica Timișoara immediately denied the whole story.

Lukas also relates how he and his teammates joked about the whole matter. "We were all laughing about it in the lockers. On Monday they said I was to be fined for 10,000 Euro, the next day that I was to be transfered to Dinamo. It's out of the question. I've come here to play for Timișoara and I will train daily to prove that I deserve to be on the team. I'm not thinking of any other team because I have no reason to. I am very happy here, I don't have any conflicts with anybody. It was a regrettable incident, which I hope will not come back to haunt me in the future."

He goes on to describe his feelings and what happened at that dreadful moment: "It was the last home game of the season and I greatly desired to play till the end. I was feeling very fit for that. Something just came over me when I saw my number called of the pitch. I now realize my mistake and regret it greatly."

Magera confesses that the next day he came to the stadium early to have a talk with the coach and apologize, explaining that he had nothing against him and that it wasn't about disrespect. "I know I made mistake and that I have to accept it and the coach's decision. I wish to have a conversation with him, although I have no doubt I will be fined. But I hope to convince him that I deserve to play in the future."

Rumours that the Czech has a habit of partying late at night have been infirmed. Magera denies them: "I spend my free time at home. If anybody says otherwise, they're lying. My case is clean and I have nothing to hide."

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