The Monthly Schedule

Seeing how I try to be as organized as possible, I've decided to jot down something that might resemble a monthly posting schedule, so that anyone interested in a "long term relationship" knows exactly what to expect and when to expect it (especially our Slovenian friends, who seem to have taken up an interest in their countrymen Vrsic and Rusic).

  • about one or two days after the match day (perhaps even three, if I can't watch the match live, once I'm back in the UK) there'll be a match report, with player ratings and a special focus on foreign players and their performance;
  • occasionally, there'll be unannounced news bits during the week, if I deem it significant enough to bother with them; there's a lot of ga-ga floating about, as far as I'm concerned;
  • at the end of the month, I'll look back at the golden days that have passed and do a swift wrap up; I plan to also present the monthly performances of the foreign players;
  • I thought of inserting a "Nostalgia Check" every once in a while - that is a descriptive piece on something regarding Politehnica's history, so that the non-fans around might become curious enough to check up on the team more often; (but don't bet on it happening, at this point)

Of course, all these except for the first depend on visitor numbers, so the more people come and check out this blog, the more enthused I will be about writing stuff. I doubt these will increase very soon, as the international profile of Poli is rather low, but one never ceases to hope!

Many thanks to you all for your time and presence.

Forza Viola!

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