Merry Christmas!

The beauty of Christmas is that you don't need many words to express what you feel. Enjoy the time with your loved ones!


The Unfairness

It is truly the saddest thing to have happened in the last five years or so, seeing Dusan Uhrin Jr. leave the club in such a manner. Firstly, because of the shame any self-concious Poli supporter feels as the most decent person to have stepped at the club in a long while was humiliated and sacked in such a disgusting manner. The lies perpetuated by Marian Iancu are so hard to bear and yet some, as would be expected, try to spin the story in his favour, or at least in a light which helps them cope with the disastrous circumstances. Which brings me to the second reason of why Dusan's departure is so sad: because it clearly emphasizes that the Mr. Iancu cannot and does not want to create a truly strong team at Timisoara, despite all the empty words he throws around.

Mr. Uhrin was too good for the current Politehnica, as the club cannot run on the passion of its supporters, but needs to be kept alive by the finances of Mr. Iancu. Ironically enough though, Mr. Iancu hasn't made any payments in the last few months, as the local and city councils covered the expenses during the fake "transition" period, in which Mr. Iancu managed to con another local businessman, Mr. Tender, to keep the club afloat while he himself was doing everything just not what he had promised to do.

Although there is to be a life at Poli beyond Dusan Uhrin Jr., I'm not sure yet whether I can be a part of that. There has to be a point where performance and success don't matter any more and a self-respecting person cannot bear the insulting words and gestures of Mr. Iancu.

With Dusan Uhrin gone, there is a sense in which the last bridge connecting the "spiritual" Politehnica Timisoara with the current FC Timisoara was burnt down, as all we are left with now is a team playing in yellow-black colours, under a name we don't recognize, with an owner who shares nothing of the spirit expected at Politehnica.

Thank you Dusan Uhrin for this last year and a half, which has been the best by far in recent history!


Uhrin sacked

Mr. Marian Iancu, who thinks the world of himself and the conspiracies he faces, decided to sack Dusan Uhrin Jr. yesterday, after the Poli manager had been seen during the Steaua - Unirea Urziceni match sitting with Ioan and Victor Becali, two of the more renowned and dodgy Romanian player agents. Fact is though, Mr. Uhrin had nothing to hide to begin with, which is why his presence at the match was announced a day before and Mr. Iancu is going broke and waiting for money from the local and city councils to keep the team afloat.

The fans are, mostly, on Mr. Uhrin's side, but it is beyond us to decide what the future holds. The next few days should make things clearer, but what has become obvious is that Politehnica has no real future with Marian Iancu.