Mansour to cheer for Poli against Dinamo

Another injured player to speak about his frustrations, Gueye Mansour didn't get a chance to play at all this season, as he was taken out during one of the friendlies before the start of the competition.

However, the Senegalese cannot stay far from the team, especially with such an important match coming up this Monday. "I'll grab a violet t-shirt and go among the fans. I cannot jump, because of my leg, but I can cheer and sing", Mansi reveals, and also had good things to say about the fans: "They are the spirit of Poli. If they will cheer like they do best, and motivate the team, then I have faith that together we will prevail."

Besides the great atmosphere, Mansour also remembers excelent performances against Dinamo: a goal in a 1-1 draw in which Poli played mostly with youngsters, and a fabulous scissor-kick. "For me, all goals are important, but the ones against Dinamo are different, because I know how much they mean for the fans. When I speak with someone about Poli, they always ask me about that goal, and also about the one against Steaua. I hope to return to the field soon and repeat these feats. I enjoy scoring against Dinamo, they are my `friends`." It's no wonder the striker has been nicknamed "The Barber" or "Scissor-man".

Mansour's relationship with the Bucharest club is even more special, as back when home-bread Torje was sold to Dinamo, he was also part of the deal, but he refused, as he did not want to play for them. The Senegalese talks about the situation: "They can't stand me because I refused them. When I was in Bucharest once, a taxi driver who was a Dinamo fan, told me he can't forgive me for that. Well, he didn't get any tip from me."

Of course, his action wasn't seen with good eyes by the club and it meant his decline. His performances weren't all that good and wasn't included in the big team. Things weren't looking good, as it seemed there was no need for the Senegalese striker. Then he was lent to Buzau this year where he made an excellent comeback, which made coach Sab─âu take him in the summer preparation. But then came the very unfortunate accident.

Mansour also has some technical comments about Monday's match. "Maybe even Nibombe or Mera might score, as the central defenders are taller than theirs. Or perhaps Bucur could go past their slow defenders." He sees Torje and Cristea as the major threats, both of them playing for Poli before. "It will be hard for our defense, because Andrei Cristea will want to prove that he was released so easily from Poli. He is in good shape and has good self-esteem after being drafted for the national team."

Dinamo also has some long-standing injuries. Niculae and Bratu, the last having been absent for a whole year, are said to make a return to the pitch right against Poli. Mansour thinks otherwise. "If they are going to play, then I'll be playing to. They'll meet me on the pitch, Monday evening. I miss playing on "Dan Paltinisanu" stadium. I haven't played there for 2 years."

May your dreams come true, Gueye, and may you cheer the team to victory on Monday evening!

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