Christian Mejia can play for Poli

Finally, FIFA has given the Columbian wonder kid the right to play for us. This is not a final decision on the matter, only a pass until the case is debated. Mejia's former club had a three year contract with him, but his family and managers disputed the contract based on the fact that in Columbia you cannot sign a work contract below the age of 18, the player being 16 at that time. I wonder why FIFA couldn't make this simple decision 3 months ago, instead of making the player stay out of official games the whole time.

From another point of view, I've seen some clips of Christian in action. While indeed he is a great talent, which he has definitely shown us in the friendly against Vojvodina when he wowed the audience for the whole 30 minutes he played, I can't shake the feeling I got after seeing some 10 minutes of his supposedly best moments. In the end I got pretty bored seeing as each of his individual actions ended either with him being fouled or with a very lousy cross. Sure, he made his opponents dizzy from trying to keep up with him, but in the end, it's of not much use if the ball doesn't end in the net.

Of course, there is plenty to gain from such a talent, especially at his young age. And hearing Sabău praise him continuously, especially after seeing him in training, encourages me to think that Mejia will play an important part next year. Sabău is not the kind of coach to be dazzled only by amazing footwork. Rather he is impressed by hard work and disciplined tactics. And I'm sure he is not praising him gratuitously. But only time will tell.

Glad to finally have you, Christian, and we're looking forward to being wowed again!

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