News the New Year brings

It wasn't even the first of January, and club president Marian Iancu had initiated his scheme for the new year. Due to the upcoming local elections of 2008, Iancu decided it was the right time to force the local authorities into a partnership with the club, which would involve a participation of about five million Euros on their behalf. If the County Council decided not to accept the proposal, then Mr. Iancu said he would resign from his position and his departure would also mean that the club would find itself without financial support. Quite nice, right?

Well, the Council seems to agree that a partnership is a feasible idea, but the usual bureaucratic work to facilitate it takes some time. So until the financial audit is done, which has to ensure that there the club is financially sound, there will be tension and uncertainty, for everyone who desires it. Mr. Iancu set the 30th of January as the deadline for local authorities, so we can only hope things get solved within the given time frame.

Still, all this conundrum did not render the club workings inert. Brezinsky and Borbely have joined the club, Valentin Badoi of Steaua is next on the list, with Cosmin Contra of Getafe and Laszlo Sepsi from Gloria Bistrita being the most recently announced players of interest.
Some other players have found themselves on the departures list, with Jonathan McKain and Peter Omoduemuke leading the pack formed also of Cristian Dancia, Sorin Radoi and Andrei Cristea. The latter two are listed for loan.
While there is no name to him, a 19 year old non-EU (supposedly Brazilian) attacking midfielder is being closely scrutinized by club officials, with a possible transfer looming in the days to come.

The two newly arrived Slovakian players are happy with their decision to have joined Poli and both are looking forward to working with Dusan Uhrin Jr. While they're trying to get their hopes up for a Champions League qualification at the end of this season, it's obviously a half-mouthed wish, as things currently stand.

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