To keep Taborda or not?

That is the question after Pedro's excellent performance in the last match of the year, against Dinamo Zagreb. I don't know how much this will affect the staff's decision. After all, the Portuguese, upset that he didn't get many chances to play for Poli, asked them to let him go at the end of the season. So the decision to part came from him, rather than from the club. It's understandable from both sides. He doesn't want to be an 'eternal substitute', whereas the club doesn't mind having a good third goalie.

But while the club ponders over the final decision, here is what Pedro has to say about it: "I'm waiting for a phone from mr. Iancu to tell me exactly what he expects from me. Two weeks ago, he told me I was free to leave. But he also said that after the match against Zagreb we'll have a final conversation."

As for what he expects from Poli, this is what he said: "Most of all, I think I deserve more respect than I received until now. It's very hard for a 31 year old keeper to do something for his future, when he is not playing. It's tough to train all week only to sit on the bench. I would like to get more chances. I only got to play now, when there weren't other options available."

Taborda's downfall came right after last season's match against MediaƟ (1-5), when 3 of the goals are attributed to him. He remembers the day, and also talks about his relationship with Poli's coaches and the other goalkeepers. "I never had anything against them, but I think I deserved to play instead of Supici. He was with the club only for a month, he came after an injury and doesn't speak Romanian well. Pantilimon is an excellent guy and a very good goalkeeper. He is still young, he has a lot of ambition and I believe he will go far. However, we are very different, and I am more experienced than him. It happens sometimes that a goalie receives 5 goals. After that match, there wasn't a more upset man than me. What was I to do? Jump into the first plane to Portugal and start working in some bar? Life goes on, I've got personality, I'm not afraid to go on the pitch. I dread that at the end of the month I get my paycheck but I haven't played a single minute. I'm not that kind of player."

Fans still support him, especially after the last two international matches, and the general opinion is that he should stay. "That means a lot for me, but the final decision doesn't depend on that."

As for a personal opinion about Taborda, I think his problem is that he just didn't give assurance that he is there when needed. At first, he was considered number one, but after a series of bad matches, Pantilimon deservingly got the front spot. Of course, he has made some goofs over time, which probably should have meant giving Taborda the chance to play. But let's see some of Taborda's matches, when he had to match Pantilimon's abilities, but didn't. Last season's away match against Craiova. Pantilimon had to be substituted at half time because of an injury. All second half we basically prayed that the ball wouldn't go in as Taborda was making a fool of himself. Then, this season, in the Cup match lost against Astra, the first goal was due to a bad deflection from his part. The equalising goal in the friendly against Vojvodina? Also his fault. Those are the chances Pedro received but didn't prove he deserves more.

I think that the club has no reason to give him away. A third goalkeeper is always necessary, so it all comes down to Pedro's decision, whether he wants to leave or not. If he wants to stay, than he must accept his position as third goalie and perhaps try harder to show he deserves more.

In any case.... Thank you, Pedro Taborda!

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