Match preview: Dinamo Zagreb - Poli

It's the last match of the year for Poli, and our last chance to score a victory in this European endeavour. And it will be extremely hard to achieve it now, considering all the absences on our side. It will probably be Taborda's biggest match, but even if he will give his best, we can only hope that his abilities will not betray him. It will certainly be Dubou's most wonderful night, even if he doesn't play a single minute. He will be Taborda's substitute, as he is Poli's circumstantial third goalie in the Europa League. Because of UEFA regulations, an additional set of players could only be listed if they are under 21 and have played for the club for at least 3 years. Since second team's Colbiş has only been with us for one year, his substitute got the chance to be put on the list. Of course, it was never expected that he would be necessary, but Pantilimon's elimination changed that. Supić could not play either because he was already used by his former team.

Bonfim will be absent, also because of an elimination in the last match. Without him, only Magera will probably have offensive duties midfield, otherwise the team would be split in two, with not many balls reaching the strikers. Considering these circumstances, I approve Sabău's decision to give a chance to the players that have played less.

But I also hope that we will see players like youngsters Adrian Ganea or Matei. Even Ionescu would be nice to see, as despite having a good season start, he has disappeared from the team. There is a fear not to be ridiculed, but in these conditions I think sending in a younger team would be actually beneficial. Some of the usual players are already thinking of the holidays, and will not be very concentrated on a very unimportant match. Younger players will terribly want to show their worth and will give their best.

If we think about it, the defense is in terrible shape anyway, it can't get much worse than that. But at least we could see a very disputed, ambitious game, rather than the last two. Almost three years ago, Marian Iancu decided to send in Poli's youngsters against another Dinamo. The result was an incredible 1-1. Why shouldn't that happen again?

To look on the bright side, we can see a few advantages. The "substitutes" might be more motivated and perhaps we might even take Dinamo by surprise. The fact that they are still in the stakes to qualify can come back against them. Of course, if we look on the other side.... Our chances our low. Very low. We can at least hope for an intriguing game. If we manage to score a goal, even if we concede 5, I would call that a success.

So come on, Poli!


Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

FcPoliFan said...

Well, that's simply because someone else is writing the articles. :D