Debut for Nemanja Supić?

Poli has brought Nemanja Supić as a third goalkeeper and as a possible contender for Pantilimon's spot in the starting team. Despite being capped in the Bosnia and Herzegovina national team, he has yet to play in a match for Poli. Even in games where the substitutes were sent in, Taborda was preferred instead. The reasons behind this are unknown.

For tomorrow's match against Gaz Metan Mediaş, however, as Pantilimon is suspended, Supić seemed to be favourite, were it not for a slight injury. The goalkeeper explains: "I've had a hard blow to my right leg. It isn't serious, the ball hit me in an unfortunate manner, and I felt some pain. But I think I will be able to play on Sunday."

He is, of course, eager to play his first match for Timişoara, as he also fears that he won't be called by the national team. On the other hand, he says that the times when he felt nervous on his debut match are far behind and that he is prepared to give his best and assure us that he was a good acquisition.

Nemanja also speaks about the reasons he has not yet got a chance to play: "At first I had some problems with the visa, then I had to join the national team early. Being always away, I had little chance to prove my worth. To add to that, I wasn't on my top shape. Even I cannot be satisfied with the way I presented myself to the technical staff."

If the match against Mediaş will indeed be his first, we hope it will not leave its mark on himself, as it did last year on Taborda. Receiving 5 goals, 3 by his own mistakes, that match meant the end for the Brazilian as top goalie for Poli.

When asked about the Romanian championship, Supić had praises for Unirea's ambitious play against Sevilla and saw Rapid, Steaua and CFR Cluj as playing quality football. He also thinks Poli has a good chance for the title.

Happy debut, Nemanja! And pretty soon we hope!

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Jonathan McKain on Romanian and New Zealand football

Former Poli Timişoara player Jonathan McKain was recently interviewed about his current career and about how he sees Romanian football.

The Aussie is currently committed to Wellington Phoenix, a Kiwi outfit which plays in the Australian championship. Even though only 10 teams are competing against each other, Jon says the league table is quite compact, and the results can go either way. For example, when his team was eighth, they beat the leaders 6-0. "Maybe we wouldn't have a chance for the title in Romania, but we would be somewhere near the top." McKain presumes. It's no wonder then, that New Zealand has gained a wonderful spot in the World Cup next year, along with the Australian. The "All Whites" as the Kiwi soccer team is called, are beginning to look up to their much more popular bigger brothers, the "All Blacks". The fantastic result is the work of Ricki Herbert who coaches both the national team and Wellington Phoenix. In fact, 8 players from Wellington form the base of the "All Whites" squad. Mckain is certainly in good company.

The Australian defender has spent 5 years in Romania and speaks the language quite fluently. He keeps in touch with his former teammates from Timişoara - Marius Popa, Naidin and Abiodun. He's had ups and downs, but in the end he thinks he will not ever return to Romania, despite receiving offers. His motives are his family on the one side, and the appalling state of the atmosphere surrounding football in Romania on the other side. "I check the results on the web. I see only scandals, scandals, scandals.... There is something wrong when there's a scandal every week." is Jonathan's view on things.

All the best to your family and your career, Jon!

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Poli - Dinamo 2:0 (0:0)

Finally, the first championship win against bitter rivals, Dinamo Bucharest, after 12 frustrating years. Both teams agreed on a foreign referee, which was selected from Serbia, so there weren't any flagrant mistakes. The Bucharest outfit had a tumultuous flight to Timisoara, because of fog, and after a second try they had finally arrived after midnight, before the match. All the better for us, as the players looked totally lost on the pitch.

Coach Sabău also had a few surprises up his sleeve. He sent the best 11 available, but the new thing was how they played the ball amongst them. Right from the warming up before the match and all throughout the first half you could see what they had been practicing the past 2 weeks since the last match. A game based on possession of the ball, with smart short passes and one-two combinations, quite beautiful to the eye. Despite a moderate rythm, and not many opportunities to score, Poli was totally in control of the match. All players were more involved in the game, Parks and Bucur's incursions kept the white-red defense on their toes, with the last one being one of the most active ones, as he wasn't isolated like in previous matches. Another surprise was that the small striker was the one to execute the corner kicks. Not being his best skill, the balls he sent were low and soft at the near post, but were quite dangerous. Certainly much better than Artiom Karamyan's long high ones. The biggest opportunity of the first half came only in the 42nd minute, when Magera's header went inches past the post.

In the second half, Poli went in more determined and Goga's shots, both in action and from a free kick were closing in on the goal. Dinamo, however had a big opportunity when Niculescu's free kick hit the outer side of the post in the 62nd minute. Bonfim was in excellent form, and 6 minutes later, after swerving past two defenders on the right, imitating Parks a few minutes before, found Bucur in the center of the box, who excellently takes over the ball, and puts himself in an impossible to miss position. It was 1-0 and the crowd goes crazy.

Dinamo upped their pace, trying fruitlessly to score. Towards the end of the match. The ever present mist decided to lay down on the Dan Paltinisanu stadium. It was the 85th minute and from my side I couldn't see a thing on the pitch. But the opposite corner could see the ball tripping Goian after a pass from his partner in defense - Tamas. Bucur was sneakily waiting the opportunity and grabbed the ball, diving towards the goal and putting it past Curca for a second time. It was a frenzy as soon all the stadium realized what happened. 4 minutes later, the game stopped. The linesman in Poli's half was one meter inside the pitch and then moved towards the box. Apparently it was a penalty for Dinamo. And also, the crowds cheers meant only one thing - they missed it. Whether Niculae had a bad shot or couldn't see the posts, remained a "mist"-ery.

The final whistle sounded a tremendous victory and as most of the stadium couldn't actually see their favourites celebrating, the more fanatic fans decied to invade the pitch and enjoy the sweetness of triumph. Good game, Poli!

The defense was sturdy, the only weaknesses being Nibombe's slow starts letting the smaller and faster Torje and Cristea run past him. But otherwise, a very solid play from the Togolese. Parks was as enchanting as always, perhaps a bit shadowed by Bucur's enthusiastic comeback. The Costa Rican was a great help to the attack, his highlight being an incursion on the right in the first minutes of the second half, passing through Dinamo's defense, going between two players, despite being fouled, getting to the center of the box leaving Goga for a great shot on goal. Magera was the one Sabău sent in as midfielder, but he also had a more offensive position, letting other player's with the decisive passes. The danger came more from the right flank, where Bonfim was king. An excellent performance from the Brazilian, as he has gotten us used, too.

Poli: Pantilimon (6) - Bonfim (7), Luchin (6), Nibombe (6,5), Maxim (6) - Chiacu (5), Alexa (7), Magera (6,5), Goga (5,5) - Bucur (7,5), Parks (6,5)


Borbely for Magera (min 78)
Arm. Karamyan for Chiacu (min 82)
Stancu for Parks (min 88)


Mansour to cheer for Poli against Dinamo

Another injured player to speak about his frustrations, Gueye Mansour didn't get a chance to play at all this season, as he was taken out during one of the friendlies before the start of the competition.

However, the Senegalese cannot stay far from the team, especially with such an important match coming up this Monday. "I'll grab a violet t-shirt and go among the fans. I cannot jump, because of my leg, but I can cheer and sing", Mansi reveals, and also had good things to say about the fans: "They are the spirit of Poli. If they will cheer like they do best, and motivate the team, then I have faith that together we will prevail."

Besides the great atmosphere, Mansour also remembers excelent performances against Dinamo: a goal in a 1-1 draw in which Poli played mostly with youngsters, and a fabulous scissor-kick. "For me, all goals are important, but the ones against Dinamo are different, because I know how much they mean for the fans. When I speak with someone about Poli, they always ask me about that goal, and also about the one against Steaua. I hope to return to the field soon and repeat these feats. I enjoy scoring against Dinamo, they are my `friends`." It's no wonder the striker has been nicknamed "The Barber" or "Scissor-man".

Mansour's relationship with the Bucharest club is even more special, as back when home-bread Torje was sold to Dinamo, he was also part of the deal, but he refused, as he did not want to play for them. The Senegalese talks about the situation: "They can't stand me because I refused them. When I was in Bucharest once, a taxi driver who was a Dinamo fan, told me he can't forgive me for that. Well, he didn't get any tip from me."

Of course, his action wasn't seen with good eyes by the club and it meant his decline. His performances weren't all that good and wasn't included in the big team. Things weren't looking good, as it seemed there was no need for the Senegalese striker. Then he was lent to Buzau this year where he made an excellent comeback, which made coach Sabău take him in the summer preparation. But then came the very unfortunate accident.

Mansour also has some technical comments about Monday's match. "Maybe even Nibombe or Mera might score, as the central defenders are taller than theirs. Or perhaps Bucur could go past their slow defenders." He sees Torje and Cristea as the major threats, both of them playing for Poli before. "It will be hard for our defense, because Andrei Cristea will want to prove that he was released so easily from Poli. He is in good shape and has good self-esteem after being drafted for the national team."

Dinamo also has some long-standing injuries. Niculae and Bratu, the last having been absent for a whole year, are said to make a return to the pitch right against Poli. Mansour thinks otherwise. "If they are going to play, then I'll be playing to. They'll meet me on the pitch, Monday evening. I miss playing on "Dan Paltinisanu" stadium. I haven't played there for 2 years."

May your dreams come true, Gueye, and may you cheer the team to victory on Monday evening!

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Marian Cisovsky's Frustration

It's still 4 more months far from the football pitch for Marian Cisovsky. Problems started from the second-leg match against Stuttgart. Initially, doctors said that surgery is necessary but that it can be delayed for the winter break. Second opinions however, lead to the Slovak player getting under the knife much earlier. 6 months off was the verdict.

The funny thing (as can be called this way in such situations) is that he had no pains, only a feeling that something was wrong. "The first days were terrible. It all came all of a sudden." Cisovsky recounts. "I never thought I would have to bear something like that." We can understand such anguish, especially considering that not much time has passed since spring, when the 28 year old defender had to deal with a nagging arm injury, which had him play several games with bandages.

He goes on to share his torment: "When I see my teammates going on the pitch to practice, while I'm stuck in the gym.... I hate that gym!" and also his hopes for the future: "In January I can start running again, and in March, I can come back to the field. It's very hard for me even to watch football. But I am going to support the team in the next match, against Dinamo." He regrets missing this match, as he was hoping to make up for last year's dispute, when we lost 0-3 at home. One of the goals was a shot unhapilly deflected by our central defender.

Indeed, his presence in the team is greatly missed as he was one of the pillars of defense. Without him, Poli has to count on the young and less experienced Mera and Scutaru, or the sometimes fragile Nibombe. The outcome could be seen in some of the poorer results in the championship, but also in the Europa League, which Cisovsky greatly regrets not taking part in despite having a great contribution to the team's qualification.

On a brighter side, as parting thoughts I give you Marian Cisovsky's words about his life in Timişoara, where the Slovak is accompanied by his loving family - wife Martina and his two sons - 4 year old Maros and 1 year old Martin.

"I'm feeling very well here. I have managed very good performances, also thanks to the team. It's quite different to Slovakia, where there are only two big sides that are fighting for the title, as opposed to Romania, where there are eight or nine very close at the top. But I enjoy a bigger contest."

Get well soon, Marian! Poli needs you!

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Éder Bonfim's turnaround at Timişoara

Brazilian Bonfim's debut for Timişoara in 2008 was a football player's nightmare. Introduced in the last minutes against modest Buzău, at 2-0 for Poli. His first touch of the ball was also a beginner's mistake. Unable to hit the ball, it went between his legs, to an opposing attacker, leaving him a clear shot for goal. That sealed Bonfim's fate with Poli's coach back then, Dusan Uhrin. He was introduced sporadically for the rest of the half-season, without showing anything to put behind the first impression, that of just another failed transfer.

In love with the round ball, young Bonfim recounts how he started to play football, not on the beaches of Copacabana, as one might think of a Brazilian, but in his home town of Mineiros, situated in the center of Brazil. But that did not stop him to play with his friends all day, 'till dark.

His career started with Grêmio Anápolis in 2000 as right-wing defender. Despite signing a 5 year contract in 2002, he didn't play much for Grêmio, as he was loaned to different Portuguese teams: Benfica, Estrela da Amadora, Sporting Braga and Vitória Setúbal. Finally, in 2005, he was sold to União Leiria, for which he gathered 76 appearances in 3 years. Despite being in the views of Rapid Bucharest for a longer period of time, after Leiria's relegation, Bonfim chose to come to Timişoara.

And, when he thought he ended his streak of being loaned from one team to the other, after the winter break of the 2008-2009 season, he was given to Gloria Buzău, together with other players from Timişoara. He certainly got to play more matches, and soon it became obvious he was one of the best from the Buzău squad.

Unsurprisingly, after the summer assessment of available players, new coach Ioan Ovidiu Sabău, decided to keep him at Timişoara. Not only that, but he gave the Brazilian a spot in the first eleven. His debut was another bad one, with two mistakes, facilitating Shaktar's goals. Nevertheless, his play, especially the first half, was very good. Sabău noticed that, and gave him another chance, the defender becoming a constant presence in the team, with good matches all round. Certainly, a wonderful turnaround!

Bonfim was so delighted, that he thanked the coach for believing in his abilities and offering him the chance to prove himself: "Nobody believed in me at first. My only support was my family, always close when I needed. Even when I played at Buzău, they motivated me to work hard, in hope of better times. Then came Mr. Sabău, who understood my football character and offered me the chance I desired, also giving me what I lacked most: trust."

Even Poli's boss, Marian Iancu, has praises for him, despite giving him hard times back when nobody cared about Bonfim: "He is truly a professional player. [...] He is exceptional, one of the most offensive defenders I have seen."

Many good games ahead, Éder!



Oțelul Galați - Poli 3:3 (2:0)

With both defensive midfielders suspended for this match, Sabău had to change the starting 11 and the tactical play. Vrsic and Magera played offensive, behind Gigel Bucur who was much more into the game then previous matches. Scutaru as defensive midfielder and Luchin (back from his injury) with Mera formed the triangle to counter Oţelu's attacks. This, unfortunately turned out to be the team's weak spot.

Poli pressed hard from the beginning, in the first twenty minutes creating very good opportunities to score. Magera did well to provide good passes for Bucur's characteristic incursions from the left, but the tiny striker failed to shoot it past the keeper. When he was in a good central position, he decided to give the ball to Chiacu, who had a poor finish.

And, as things go in football, the game died down, and an incredible goof from Mera, who failed to hit the ball, left Axente to put it past Pantilimon. The young player, borrowed from Poli, had another good opportunity 10 minutes later, but blew it over the post, from inside the box. Sabău changed Mera for Artiom Karamyan, but, with two minutes to go, our defenders neither held Axente, nor played for offside, Pantilimon hesitated to charge him, and the violets went in with 2 goals behind.

With nothing to lose, Stancu took Scutaru's place at half time. And soon enough, Magera's shot was deflected into the post, but Chiacu was at the right spot to head it in. Things were looking good for a comeback, but Karamyan failed to clear a ball, and Ibeh shot it past Pantilimon from the middle of the box.

Poli felt shook, and Otelu controlled the game, still being dangerous. However, they set back, looking to keep the lucky result, and the violets came back in it. Magera's free kick hit the post, and Chiacu couldn't hit it well enough on the rebound. In the 82nd minute, the goalkeeper failed to deflect a corner kick, which found Chiacu with the ball at his feet, passed it to Magera, who pushed it in from 3 meters. Still enough time to save the result. Otelu did their best to keep their advantage, but Stancu managed to win a good ball from Patras, another Poli player lent to Galaţi, passed it to Magera who made an excellent cross awaited by three players in violet. Luchin was the one to head it in, right at the end of regular play.

A very eye-pleasing game, which Poli could have easily won, were it not for the grave errors in defense. Magera is on top form, and together with Vrsic made the ball flow in midfield. Karamyan played well, but not well enough to make up for costing us the third goal.

A minor setback, but Poli is still undefeated in away games. The championship is far from being decided, the top 8 teams trying to pass each other in mediocrity and surprising results. The next match, against Dinamo, might shed some light.

Poli: Pantilimon (5) - Bonfim (6), Luchin (5), Mera (3,5), Maxim (5,5) - Chiacu (5,5), Vrsici (5,5), Scutaru (4,5), Curtean (4,5) - Magera (6,5), Bucur (5,5)


Art. Karamyan (4,5) for Mera (min 37)
Stancu (5,5) for Scutaru (min 45)
Goga (5) for Curtean (min 55)


Anderlecht - Poli 3:1 (1:0)

Well, it just wasn't to be. Poli Timişoara conceded 3-1, after a beautiful game of football, which Michel Platini decided himself to witness. As this was an all or nothing match, Sabău sent in a classical lineup for Poli, at least in the past season: Bucur and Parks upfield, with Magera behind them. Despite the offensive intent, the coach had to come up with some improvisations to cover the weak spots. While captain Alexa played as regular defensive midfielder, his partner, Bourceanu, was sent on the right, a position he was not accustomed to. Artiom Karamyan was moved upward on the left, the spot he is most comfortable with. Despite not convincing before, Maxim had duties to cover his back on the defensive line, while Nibombe and less experienced Scutaru had the responsibility of blocking anything that came in the center of the box.

Hostilities began with a sterile fight for possession, gradually won by the home side, despite a big chance for Poli, when Bucur received a good long pass, rushed in from the side, but his cross was barely deflected by Parks. Anderlecht certainly didn't need the help offered by Nibombe at the half hour mark. Though a sturdy play overall, the Togolese had a few moments of insecurity, including this one, when a 1-2 ball hit him, and instead of clearing, he deflected it to Suarez. Maxim, despite a best effort, couldn't stop him cleanly enough and the referee signaled a penalty. The same Suarez slugged it in - a poor shot, just a bit to the right of the keeper, but Pantilimon dived left.

After the break, our side came in more determined and the equalizer fell in after a brilliant corner kick, which is sort of a rarity for Poli lately. Parks had all the center of the box for himself and was right on with a header to score our first goal in Europa League. Too bad that the other 10 corner kicks weren't so rewarding.

Poli pushed on, with Parks on an excellent night, showing his great technical skills, the best guy on the pitch for us. The tipping point was marked by the substitutions. The invisible Bourceanu came out, to be replaced by Stancu, who in the end would have wished he were not so visible. For Anderlecht, Legear proved to be the winning substitute, with his determined presence upfield. And so it was that in the 67th minute, a cross from him found tiny Boussoufa at the end, with a dreamy Stancu next to him.

Poli became even more dangerous after this, Parks with his wonderful legwork, to open up the strong Belgian defense. A good-looking play, but the ball wouldn't go in and Stancu foiling some passes. Magera had a good shot just a little over the top, and in the extended play, after a cross, substitute Goga pushed the ball in to the box and Scutaru with a very good shot in, deflected over by the keeper. Anderlecht had a couple more counter-attacks, with the final blow given in the 95th minute by the same Legear. A cleared corner kick found him charging from close to the center point all the way to goal with a nice chip over Pantilimon.

3-1 in the end, but Poli gave a good fight, leaving Bruxelles with heads up. Clearly a more decent play than recent games. Just goes to show how much better the game looks when you can have a few more passes in. Other than Parks, Karamyan gave a good show on his flank, offering good passes to his teammates, but also rushing back to recover some useful balls. Magera was more and more into the game as time passed and, while not one of his best, he was there with very useful deflections and passes, and a nice shot for goal. Bonfim didn't shine as much and he could have probably helped defense more, but a good play overall. Nibombe still has some weaknesses and unfortunately they caused us another goal, but he certainly was the pillar of defense on other occasions.

Good game, Poli!


Match preview: Anderlecht - Poli

An important event preceded match day 4 of the UEFA Europa League's Group A. Dinamo Zagreb have been deducted 3 points, after the serious incidents caused by the Croatian fans in Timişoara on match day 2, leaving them with no points on last place. Furthermore, their team will play with the remaining two home matches against Ajax and Timişoara behind closed doors. I disprove team standings being decided in offices instead of on the football pitch, and I have to praise the Croatian news media for having an objective point of view on the whole matter. They did not embark to blame Timişoara for the points penalty, instead bash the disruptive minority amongst their fans, who see a football match as an opportunity to cause havoc, instead of to take part in the show. Hooliganism does not belong in the stadiums.

That said, I do not think the penalty favors our side. At least not for the immediate future. Ajax and Anderlecht are 3 points ahead, so our only chances to stay in the game is a victory on Belgian soil on Thursday. The home game showed, to me at least, that they are a team to beat. I am unsure, however, that that was their real form. From the Belgian press's reaction it seemed that Anderlecht came to Timişoara seeking the draw, not pushing for the full 3 points.

In the championship, Anderlecht is doing good, 1 point behind leaders Club Brugge. Their last 3 games ended in a 2-0 victory, after a bitter loss 2-4 against Brugge. In home European matches against Romanian clubs, they have an almost perfect streak (6 wins, one draw, 12 goals against 2). However, in recent European matches, besides a 5-0 win against modest Sivasspor, Anderlecht have a staggering 3 defeats and one draw on home turf in their last 5 matches. A glimmer of hope, perhaps, for our first win in Europe after 19 years minus 2 days, and indeed our first goal in the group stage.

Poli's last games, on the other hand, have meant being thrown out of the Romanian Cup and losing fisrt position, after losing in front of a packed stadium at home. In Europe, the team didn't show that it can stick their heads out of the group stages, despite the historic elimination of UEFA Cup holders Shaktar Donetsk.

That is why Thursday's match can turn the tides and end this miserable streak. Nothing less than a win will do. Anderlecht will probably play defensive, a point basically sealing their qualifying spot. They will try to score on counter attacks, knowing too well that Poli will have to charge forward. Our best bet is to attack, there is no more time for caution. However, any conceded goals would probably mean disaster. It will be very difficult, as Poli has not yet shown it can do the offensive play good enough, only against modest adversaries. Perhaps introducing Magera and Parks would be a good bet, at least in my mind, as they have shown good capabilities in this sort of games.

But the final decision rests in Sabău's hands and I hope it will be a good one. At the end of the night, a 1-0 win, after an own goal, will sound fabulous.


Poli - Steaua 0:1 (0:0)

A packed "Dan Păltinişanu" awaited the derby against Steaua Bucharest, drawn to the stadium by lower ticket prices set by the management. However, they only witnessed the first defeat in the championship, after a football match whose quality was as low as the said prices. You only get what you paid for. Lots of goofed balls by both sides, including a hilarious free kick by Dayro Moreno, and a terrible mistake made by Pantilimon were the highlights of the night.

In the first half, the two teams split their dominance over the game. During the initial 20 minutes, Poli set back letting the visitors control the hostilities. But the red-blues couldn't take advantage of this, creating panic only with balls fumbled around in our box. The violets on the other hand, tried to counter-attack with incursions on Artiom Karamyan's flank - most unsuccessful - and by balls dived-in from the midfielders for Bonfim's spurts on the right, which created mild danger. The only real opportunity of the first half, however, came from Curtean with one of his characteristic shots from 25-30m, but Zapata made a spectacular save and left the impression that Poli would settle things in the second half.

Indeed, Sabău made an offensive change quite early on: Parks for central defender Mera, switching from a 3-5-2 to a 4-4-2. With caution blown away, Steaua had their first real chance just 2 minutes later, when Nicoliţă received a good pass leaving him with a clear shot on goal, but he only managed to hit Pantilimon. Parks immediately made his mark on the game, which picked up the pace, but he was found in an offside position.

After a clearance from Zapata, the ball should have been easily intercepted by Bourceanu, but instead it fooled two or three players from either side, being finally picked up by Dayro Moreno, who advanced unheeded and took a shot on goal. Pantilimon, too sure of himself, dropped the ball in front of him, leaving Surdu to slide in for the goal.

Poli quickly stepped up on the attack creating a few good chances. A swell pass from Parks, but Bucur only managed to find Steaua's goalie. A series of good passes opened up the visiting side's defense, Parks deflected the ball, and Arman Karamyan scored, but from an offside position. Surdu later made a fool of himself, when left one-on-one with Pantilimon he shot wide. Alexa tried a couple of shots from long distance, but they were totally above target. His midfield partner, Bourceanu, took his chance, too, after dribbling midfield and then making a spectacular shot over Zapata, which unfortunately only hit the woodwork. Later, however, he made a useless and foolish attack from behind, which inevitably lead to his sending off. This recklessness will make him miss the game against Galati and the one against bitter rivals, Dinamo. Sabau will have to find new solutions for midfield, because Alexa will also be suspended for the next match after seeing his fifth yellow card of the season.

The Karamyan brothers played in the same manner - hard working, but not well enough. Artiom's free kicks were particularly useless. Nibombe was ok, but was unsure on two separate occasions. The one in the second half could have been serious, when in a moment of indecision he was robbed of the ball, but luckily, Scutaru dived in to save his back. Parks played well, clearly changing the face of the game, fulfilling the role of the man who connects passes between midfield and attackers. Too bad the efforts were eclipsed by the error in defense.

The end of the twelfth stage of this crazy championship sees four teams struggling for the top spot with 22 points, and three others including Poli with 21. Braşov are lurking behind, too, with 20 points. The season is far from over and this defeat is not that serious to the overall balance, as it is frustrating that our favourites couldn't take advantage of the opportunity to take a 2 point lead.

P.S. It was nice to see a handful of fans supporting Magera at the stadium, even though their player only came on late in the match.

Poli: Pantilimon (3,5) - Scutaru (6), Nibombe (5), Mera (5,5) - Bonfim (5,5), Alexa (6), Bourceanu (5), Arm. Karamyan (5,5), Art. Karamyan (5) - Bucur (5), Curtean (5,5)


Parks (5,5) for Mera
Stancu (5) for Curtean
Magera for Alexa