Magera's breakout

During Sunday's match against Pandurii, Lukas Magera was changed in the 51st minute. Angry of the decision, he threw his t-shirt on the bench, and left for the showers, without turning around, or looking back to his teammates. A very rude gesture, regardless of the context.

People admire the dedication he's been putting into his game lately. His frustration could also be amplified by some of the "dead hands" on the pitch with him. But, nevertheless, such behaviour is to be condemned. It's bad for the whole team. What is the coach to do, when he knows the player doesn't like him and criticizes his decisions? Or what about his teammates? Surely the spirit of the team is affected.

But I don't agree with the staff's attitude after the match. Sab─âu shouldn't have expressed what his attitude will be towards the Czech. That only amplifies the conflict. It's well known that there are strict disciplinary rules that are applied in such cases. Other comments should be restrained. Club President Chivorchian's reaction was even more spiritual and harsh. Why bash such an important player, when this is his very first breakout and there have been many other such cases, that were overlooked.

I think the case should be shut closed and forgotten. Apply the rules, a fine should suffice and that's it. The rest should remain inside the club, not released out in the world, to be exaggerated by the ruthless press. Magera's reaction was the best of all those involved. He apologized, fully deserving the applause he received after leaving the pitch:

"I had an inadequate behaviour. I let myself overwhelmed by my emotions and I want to apologize to the management, the club, the coaches, my teammates and the fans. It's untypical of me to have such outbursts and I now regret what happened."

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