Gaz Metan - Poli 2:6 (2:2)

Poli was set to face an ambitious team and a harsh pitch in what turned out to be a wonderful game of football.

Following the style used in last week's match against Dinamo, Sabău sent in a truly offensive 4-3-3 line-up, with Magera, Parks and Bucur up front. Even though Alexa and Bourceanu were both in the starting eleven, the latter didn't play his usual role of defensive midfielder, instead he was given attacking duties. And indeed, in the 27th minute, Parks found him in the middle of the box. Bourceanu swerved and lobbed the ball in, his first goal for Poli.

Afterwards, they stepped back a bit, and Mediaș was really able to be dangerous, ending with an excellent shot in the corner of the posts by Todea in the 38th minute. Our side snapped back, and an almost identical situation as the first goal happened in the last minutes of the first half. This time, Bourceanu's shot which was going right under the top post, was deflected by a defender, using his hand. A red card and the penalty was transformed by Bucur. On the replay, however, Bud fell easily inside the box, and the referee offered a penalty kick for Mediaș. It was 2-2 and the first half ended.

Lazăr's elimination proved to be very harsh on his team. Poli took control of the match. And while at first they seemed to be struggling to find the goal, the opponents did almost nothing to try and control the ball. This proved fatal. In the 56th minute, Karamyan remembered his good days and offered a great free kick right on Alexa's head, who scored his second goal for Poli since 2007. Unshackled, Poli played more relaxed and confident. They started passing the ball around, all over the pitch, for several minutes and tens of passes. In the end, the Mediaș players were left weary, as Bonfim finally found Bucur alone for his second goal. Top scorer for Poli before this match, Goga was sent in, and after a 1-2 with Magera, tied Bucur with 6 goals. But the small striker decided that it was time he once again be Timișoara's top scorer, ending the night with a hat-trick. It is incredible how in just 2 matches Bucur went from 2 to 7 goals, now being just one behind the championship top scorer, Craiova's Florin Costea.

An excellent result, which was possible because each and every player had a say in the game. There is not one which deserves to steal the whole glory. Bourceanu was the best in the first half, perhaps wanting to outdo himself after foolishly being eliminated with Steaua. But Parks was the one who served him on both occasions, the Costa Rican's inspiration proving to be decisive at moments. Artiom Karamyan made a good match, showing us is not yet too tired to play well, while it is getting harder for Magera to be the decisive player of a match since everyone is playing so well. It was also the debut match for Supić, and while receiving 2 goals is not a nice way to start, there was not much he could do about them. Other than that, it's not enough to make a good impression, except for the fact that he is very good at intercepting high balls. Bonfim's excellent form showed once again, both in destabilizing the defense and offering the decisive pass.

After this round, five teams once again share the top spot, with 28 points, but because of the devastating goal difference of 28-11, Poli is considered the leader.

Well done, Poli! Let's go for max in the last 2 matches.

Poli: Supici (6) - Bonfim (7), Luchin (6), Nibombe (6), Maxim (5,5) - Bourceanu (7,5), Alexa (6,5), Art. Karamyan (6,5) - Bucur (7), Magera (6), Parks (6,5)


Goga (6,5) for Maxim (min 53)
Arm. Karamyan for Parks (min 73)
Curtean for Bourceanu (min 79)

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