Another interview with Ricketts

Poli's official site has just posted an interview with Tosaint Ricketts, which offers insight into his personal life, and his personality as a football player. We offer you the translation below:

Who discovered your talent and who encouraged you to take on a professional career?
My brothers, who have played football themselves. I wasn't very interested in the sport in the beginning - I only played for the school team, but I had the chance to obtain an athletic college scholarship. That's when I starting considering it more seriously. Football players start at an early age, whereas I was around 13-14, and fell in love with it a bit later. Now I play professionally, but I'm still learning and I have a long way to go.

Do you dream football?
Actually, yes, several times a week. When you do the same thing all day, it sticks in your mind, so it's normal for me to dream about football. Sometimes, they are nightmares, like being in front of goal and being unable to score.

What do you do before a match? Do you have any rituals?
Not really. I like listening to some music, focus on the match ahead. I imagine myself scoring, and I think about what I have to do when go in, so that I'll be prepared.

Any lucky talismans?
Not really. Maybe my defenders, because I still wear the ones I had when I started playing. So you might call them a lucky charm.

What is your weak point?
Experience. Because I've mostly played college football, which is a very different level from playing professionally. I have only three years of professional football: 2 in Finland, one here.

What was the hardest match you've played?
The first one that pops into my mind is Poli-Mypa 3-3. That was the hardest match I've ever played, and the worst defeat.

What do you like the most about Poli?
The players. My teammates are better than the ones I've played with until now. They're simply at a higher level.

Is there anything that you'd like to change about the club?
I'd like to change the fact that we haven't won the championship until now.

The goal against CFR Cluj was your first official goal for Poli. How did you feel?
I felt good. You always feel good when you score. It was an important match, which meant a lot for me.

How sure were you that you would play?
I wasn't sure, you can't ever be sure. Anything can happen. A player can get injured in the first 5 minutes, and you have to go in immediately, or you might not play at all.

How much till you assure yourself a place in the first 11?
Hard to say. Everybody is playing well at the moment. But no matter if you make the team or not, it's important to train yourself and see what happens next.

What do you when you don't play football?
Rest and relaxation. I play video games, chat with family over the Internet... nothing special.

Tell us a little bit about your origins.
Both my parents are born in Jamaica. They moved to Canada 25 years ago, and shortly after that I was born in Edmonton, Alberta. I went to school there, and then to colleg in the USA. We're still surrounded by Jamaican culture. My parents run two Jamaican restaurants.

What person are you most closely related to?
My brother. He's very passionate about football. He played a while, but he couldn't get to a professional level because of an injury. He was always by my side. He's happy when I play well, and he wants details about everything I do. I have three older brothers and they all follow me. We have to find some place where they can watch my matches.

We've heard you're good at basketball as well!
Yeah, I've played basketball a lot when I was a kid. Nowadays, I only play when I go home, with my friends, just for fun.

Being so far from home, what do you miss the most?
Definitely my mother's cooking. The food here in Romania is good, better than the one in Finland, but I love my mother's cooking. When I go home, I eat daily at her restaurant.

A message to the fans?
Weather has gotten better, so come to the match!

Finally, please say something in Romanian.
Mulțumesc! (Translator's note: Thank you!)