Poli - Spartak Moscova 2:4 (0:1)

Another defeat, but this time against a much more worthy adversary. It is still hard to put a verdict, but surely expectations will be higher for the final matches before the season restart. Sabău has commented against the attitude of some players. If it's only that, it can be solved. It seems that Sepsi and Mejía have integrated well and are up high on Sabău's list. The latter has even scored a goal, lobbing the goalkeeper who mistakenly rushed out after a ball at about 35m. The other one was a header from Nibombé.

On the other hand, the team will surely suffer from the recent transfers (the Karamyan twins and Gigel Bucur) and from the injuries. Vázquez has also been a disappointment up to now. Let's just hope it is only because of an accomodation period.

Poli's lineup: Pantilimon - Bonfim, Nibombé, Brezinský
, Sepsi - Chiacu, Alexa, Bourceanu - Goga, Vázquez, Mejía

Luchin for Brezinský (45')
Magera for Chiacu (45')
Mera for Nibombé (65')
Supić for Pantilimon (73')
Scutaru for Mejía (73')
Chiţu for Sepsi (74')
Ionescu for Goga (78')
Dobriceanu for Ionescu (87')

Ionescu had made a mistake in that led to Spartak's fourth goal and that is, perhaps, the reason he had only played 9 minutes, going out 3 minutes before full time.

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