Goodbye, and thanks for all the goals!

It seems that, after all, communications were reestablished with the Russians and Gigel Bucur will no longer play in violet, but will join Kuban Krasnodar and his former coach from Sportul, Dan Petrescu. Poli will gain €1.8 million in the transfer and Bucur will be paid with up to €600,000 a year, way more than our club could ever offer. It's wise of him at almost 30 years to search financial input, even though his career is still far from over, and we must respect his decision.

In Romania he has only played for two teams: Poli Timișoara (2005-2010) and Sportul Studențesc (1998–2005), a wonderful team that always provided generations of talented football players. Bucur's was one of the best. At Timișoara, after a slow start, he has become an emblamatic player for the club. He alone has scored so many goals for Poli as the other strikers have scored in their careers. When he was in a bad period we would cry out, but when he was scoring match after match we would be cheering again and again. All of his goals were important, especially the ones that brought points for the team and it is only fit that he is the one who scored in the now legendary win against Dinamo last year. Also, we cannot forget that it was his two goals against UEFA Cup Winners Shaktar Donetsk that etched another brilliant performance in the club's history.

Alas, as all stories must come to an end, we can only thank Gigel for the joy (which, ironically is what is last name means) he has brought us in the 5 years he has spent with Poli, and never forget him. The club's history will surely always bear his name.

Thank you!

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