Medical status and new guns

Dédé has joined the team and declares he is 100% fit. The club's doctors have not yet given their opinions. Maxim has undergone a simple surgery after an injury and will be out for about a month. Tiago Costa is said to have the same injury, but no surgery yet. And last and worst, Contra has suffered a muscle rapture. Poli's head phisician Teymoor Ahmadi has estimated that complete recovery will not take more than 3 weeks. Still, Contra will miss the first matches and who knows in what shape he will be after that. He can only hope that we can see him back on "Dan Păltinișanu", in a violet outfit, soon....

It seems that the old problems are back again, despite the club actually doing something to solve them. The flanks are still uncovered. While Sepsi plugged the hole in the back, Artiom's departure has umplugged another. And Maxim's injury doesn't help at all. The situation is the same where Stancu who could be used as a replacement at hand is gone, and the man who came to consolidate that side is now injured as well. Plus Gigel's departure has reduced our ofensive power a great deal, only when we consider that about 40% of Poli's goals came from the young striker.

Of course, this is the time for the others to rise up to the occasion and take over the role of goal getter. Goga is next in line, but Vázquez, Parks and Mansour must give their best, too.

Then again, the club was fast to act. Ján Kozák, a Slovak international and also selected as captain of the national team, has signed today. At 29 years old, 1m90, he plays offensive midfielder, and can be distinguished by his speculative passes. It sounds like a great transfer, and, as always, it's the hush-hush transfers that are the most worthy. It is interesting to see how he and Mejía will compete. On one hand we have a very young future talent, and on the other a footballer at the peak of his career. But I'm sure there will be enough matches for both.

It seems to me that Sabău now only has to make the right choices, adopt and prepare the players with the right strategies, and to motivate them. Iancu has already anounced another spectacular transfer for tomorrow. A left-wing. Let's wait and see.

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