Viola Fans Storm the Streets of Timisoara

In our continuous effort to save Politehnica and set things in their fair and proper order, thousands of fans have marched on the streets of Timisoara today to draw attention to the issue at hand - which is the neccesity of eliminating the crippling corruption that dominates Romanian football, thanks to the likes of Mircea Sandu, the president of the Romanian Football Federation.

After a few hundred supporters went to the team's training of the day, at around eight PM a few thousand fans blocked one of the main routes into Timisoara. Although there were some minor altercations with local law enforcement, the violent impulses were contained sufficiently as to cause no serious injuries to the two parties involved. Later on, even more people gather in the city center where the fans chanted against the RFF and Mircea Sandu, as well as in support of Politehnica.

A photo gallery can be seen here.


Anonymous said...

I dont know if anyone will read this, but I'm a fan of Partizan Belgrade and you have my(and every other real partizan fan) great support in this battle! No one should be able to take away your history from you!

FcPoliFan said...

I for one have read and thank you for the support!

Anonymous said...

Keep up the battle!Touched my heart to hear what is happening.
Got my support even if im in uk.