The Cafe Meeting

I guess I am a bit disappointed that nobody had any questions to ask, but nevertheless the chat with Vrsic and Rusic was truly enjoyable. About thirty fans had gathered at the local bar Bierhaus (where these weekly encounters take place) by the time the two Slovenian internationals arrived, together with club's spokesman Levente Balint.

After a slow start, everything turned for the best when the players settled in to the warm atmosphere created by the group of supporters present, as the meeting took a friendlier spin. Both players are enjoying their time in Timisoara and have adapted well. Rusic especially was delighted by how easily he got used to the team and how much support he has received since joining Poli. Also, both acknowledged the big difference in quality between the Romanian first league and the Slovenian one, emphasizing the greater level of physicality shown here. When asked about their favorite teams, Vrsic said that he enjoys Italian football and especially AS Roma, while Rusic stated he is a fan of the British game, doubting however that it would be easy for him to the adapt there. The latter also hopes to be called up to the Slovenian national side as soon as possible - and may I add, if he keeps playing like this, it's just a matter of time.

The conversation then moved more rapidly between less factual issues, from tips for the upcoming matches against Bucharest rivals to things like what their favorite places in Timisoara are. All in all, it was a very pleasant experience, as Vrsic and Rusic were very open about most matters discussed and helped enhance the night's humorous tone.

This being said, I wish you a good week until my next post - which should be after Poli's Saturday match against Dacia Mioveni, which takes place at 18:45 local time.


Marksman said...

Hey thanks for bloging it is very cool to read about our 2 slovenian players in "Poli". So on behave of everyone in Slovenia let me just thank you.

FcPoliFan said...

Many thanks to all you guys who read the blog too! I'm actually surprised that my English version seems to get more visitors than my Romanian one, mainly thanks to people posting the blog address on different forums.