Scandal Unfolding

As FIFA decided to penalize Poli with six points, due to not complying with the TAS decision (particularly, because the colours are still the same), Marian Iancu has been saying all over Romanian TV that he will retire from football and pursue a personal vengeance against the president of the Romanian Football Federation, Mircea Sandu.

The issue itself is insanely complicated and heavily layered, but if you have the curiosity and the patience to look into the matter, you can check out the initial TAS decision here and yesterday's FIFA decision here.

I'll keep you posted with what's going to happen. Fact is, if Marian Iancu retires from football, then he will have no troubles in destroying what is left of Politehnica Timisoara - despite his "good intentions". Personally, I see no reason why Mr. Iancu should not ensure a swift change of ownership before embarking on his life-long battle to sort out the inequities of this world.

P.S. As a decent introduction into the issue, you can also read my translation of an article which appeared over a year ago. While not up to date (obviously), it is well written. The link is here.

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