The News of the Day

Today's press conference was a good time for Mr. Iancu to present things in a clear and concise manner, so that even the numbnuts in the press understand it. Hopefully that will have done some good, despite the RFF trying to defend themselves through an official statement, which does not make reference to the missing documents though.

On the financial side, rumor is that local millionaire Ovidiu Tender would be interested in taking over the club from Mr. Iancu and we should have a clear picture of things by the end of the week. While Mr. Tender is more affluent, it's unclear whether he'd have the same willingness to spend as Mr. Iancu did - but things would probably come down to who would be put in charge of the club and his (her - hehe) expertise. Fact is that Mr. tender is just as dubious a figure as Mr. Iancu, both having been charged with a series of felonies in the RAFO case a few years back - though they got off, on a technicality, if I recall correctly.

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