The Hypocrisy of News

It's been a sad experience to see that the international media does not take note unless there's violence involved. After several newspapers picked up an article about the mildly violent events from Thursday evening, there's been almost no reports whatsoever about the organized protest from Sunday evening. Of course, there's no shock value to be had from a civilized protest, which is probably why people have to end up in little pieces in order to draw some attention to their pain. Everyone is justified in making complaints about the order of things and despite the so enticing label of "suicidal maniacs", the fact that media coverage basically endorses such actions is widely muted.

The example might be extreme, but it proves the point I'm making. In a world where people can hardly find a common cause which is not fueled by hatred or aggressive competitiveness, but by caring these are the events which should make the headlines.

To me, the distinction is clear: Poli supporters are not gathering every second day because they hate the RFF, we're doing it because we care about our club. The hatred we feel is a byproduct of our caring, but it's not what makes us stand together and stand tall. If nothing else, then the peaceful protests prove that hatred is not key, for if it were, the protests wouldn't be peaceful.

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Ognimanaw said...

You are totally right.
I tried to find non-Romanian news about whats going on with Poli, but the only things i found were the same news on every site about riots due to the point deduction.

For me you'r blog is nearly the only source for Poli news, so i hope you keep up the good work!

Greetings from Munich.