Friendly Report: FC Diosgyor - Poli 1-1 (0-0)

The second friendly of the year, overshadowed by rumors that Gabriel Torje might leave the club for arch-rivals Dinamo Bucuresti, ended in a draw, despite Poli's overall control of the match.
The Hungarian side scored first in the 67th minute, 17 year old Daminuta equalizing ten minutes later. Also, Alexa missed a penalty in the firt half.

Poli: Pantilimon - Luchin, Scutaru, A. Ratiu, I. Latovlevici - V. Badoi, D. Alexa, A. Abiodun, Artiom Karamian - G. Bucur, I. Ganea

Zimmermann, Axente, Stancu, Popovici, Aliuta, Mansour si Daminuta came on during the second half for Pantilimon, Bucur, Badoi, Karamyan, Abiodun, Ganea si Scutaru.

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