Friendly Report: Poli - Honved Budapest 3:3 (2:2)

The year's first friendly ended in a draw with many goals, thereby proving that Poli's defense still has a long way to go until it ceases to concede so much. Artavazd Karamyan, Balazs Borbely and Marian Aliuta scored for our side.

Canu picked up an injury in the second half, but there's no info as to how bad his injury is.

Poli (1st half): Popa - Latovlevici, Brezinsky, Canu, Stancu - Karamyan, Borbely, Aliuta, Torje - Mansour, Crsitea

Poli (mostly 2nd half): Zimmerman - Sandu, Canu, Scutaru, Luchin - Aliuta, Borbely, Daminuta, Popovici - Bucur, Axente,

Rusic, Alexa and Ganea are among the players who did a training session this afternoon.

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