Torje and Mansour transferred to Dinamo

Arch-rivals Dinamo most conveniently got their hands on Poli's Torje and Mansour after a most troublesome night for anyone who really cared for the club. Eighteen year old Torje, seen not only as one of the most promising Romanian footballers, but also as a symbol for Politehnica, was sold for a hefty sum of 2 million Euros and a clause stating that 50% of any future transfer will go to Poli, while Mansour cost Dinamo 500,000 Euros.

I suppose any decent fan of a football club can understand the overwhelming frustration everyone supporter of Poli feels, so there's no real need to go into it. It's just plain bad.

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sosho said...

well, i and my brother are one of the poli fans, and hearing the news i couldn't be more upset. i guess we all have to accept the way industrialized football works nowadays, and just take it. I really do hope torje will become a star someday, and will return home when he got old for more glory at home.