Sabău resigns as Poli's coach

Despite having the management's approvement, Sabău decided not to continue, most probably due to the fact that he has been contested by the fans. Although he managed a lower position that we achieved last season, some very good results have been achieved during his time in Timișoara: the elimination of UEFA Cup holders Shaktar from the Champions League qualifiers, a good performance in the Europa League, and the double win against Dinamo in the championship.

I leave you with an interview:

Are you satisfied with your achievements?

Yes, with a few exceptions. The season ending was difficult, but I'd like to thank and congratulate the players for what we've achieved together, because I believe they have outperformed themselves. In the last few stages we've had a lot of problems due to injuries. There were matches when I could basically rely on only 10 players.

So why did you decide to resign?

I cannot answer this question. It's better that way, because I don't want to leave opportunities for misinterpretations and arguements.

Are you relieved now? You seemed very tense in the last period.

I am not at all relieved. I didn't want it to end. I'm convinced the next year would have been better. The players are already used to my methods and they've grown some good habits. We could have achieved much more.

What about your relation with the management?

I've had a very good collaboration with mr. Iancu, with mr. Chivorchian (president) and with Daniel Stanciu (sports manager). I have nothing bad to say.

Mr. Iancu seems to be very impressed by you. What do you have to say?

He had his arguments to support me. I respect him and everyone I have worked with. I believe this is how to part ways.

Source: ProSport

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