Poli - FC Braşov 1:2 (0:2)

With no motivation whatsoever and a battered lineup, Poli had no say in the last match of the season. Fifteen minutes in, we were already two goals down due to a dreamy defense which left Taborda with little chance in front of the attackers. Brezinsky, who has played a lot for the second team, didn't seem to fit in the team, Luchin was taking all the wrong decisions, while Maxim was easily overtaken on the left.

Our big opportunities were a weak shot from Magera, and a good header from Curtean, who other than that made himself noticed by takend several chances on his own, but they all ended the same way, with the ball drifting inches past either post.

Goga was not only absent from the game, but when he did touch the ball, it all went wrong, which brought out his substitution with Mejia in the second half. Our goal came after a cross from Cociș and a header from Chiacu, right after another big opportunity in which he missed the ball miserably in the middle of the box. Other than that, the right-winger, who substituted Maxim at half time, wasn't to be seen in the match.

Mejia sped up the game a bit, but it wasn't until later that he actually managed to pass a few defenders and provide a good ball. The goal came quite early in the second half, but our players couldn't find the equaliser, the game ending with a very big miss, when Magera and Cociș couldn't get past the keeper.

It's disappointing to end the championship with a loss, especially in front of the fans, but we have gotten used to poor endings in the past seasons. Even with the win, we would have finished 5th, as both Vaslui and Steaua had won their games. Poli will play in the third round of the Europa League qualifiers, as a seeded team. If we get to the play-off, we will most probably encounter a tough adversary.

Until then, some changes and clarifications are sure to take place.

Poli: Taborda (6) - Bourceanu (5), Luchin (4,5), Brezinsky (4,5), Maxim (4,5) - Curtean (4,5), Alexa (5,5), Cociş (6), Sepsi (5) - Magera (5,5), Goga (4,5)


Chiacu (5,5) for Maxim (min 45)
Mejia for Goga (min 74)

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