Poli - Gaz Metan Mediaş 0:2 (0:1)

Poli started with a similar lineup to the last four games or so, this time Magera, coming back from a suspension, taking Goga's place in attack. We played good in the first half, trying the goal and not letting the adversary get close to ours. Magera, especially was very active, trying to score from different situations: from a cross, a volley, from a free kick. Curtean managed a surprise shot, which although not very powerful, fooled the goalkeeper, but hit the bar. At a prolonged attack, the ball snaps back to Contra, whose shot hits the top post, comes down inches behind the line, but the referees don't see it, and we are deprived of a valid goal. To make matters worse, Cisovsky tries a trick in defense, but is depossesed, which leads to the first goal of the match.

Things didn't look so bad, as we had played well enough. However, as we got used under these situations, the second half brought out an uninspired play, with little foresight for a goal. To make matters even worse, Contra made an irational gesture, going into Silvășan (ex-Poli player) not only with a tackle for the ball, but also with an elbow to the face. Undoubtul elimination. As we pushed forward, we were very often caught on the counter attack, with only 2 or 3 defenders against several attackers. After a shot in the bar, the second goal finally came close to the end. We weren't able to create any big opportunities, and the numerous corner kicks and free kicks have been - as usual - unfruitful.

An unexpected and sad defeat, which leaves us on a lowly 4th place. The final two matches shouldn't change much, although there is hope for the second place but very improbable. 3rd or 4th place are the same for us, leading to the same spot in the Europa League qualifiers. So I guess the objective for the championship finale is to remain above Steaua (5th place). Very feasible, indeed.

Poli: Pantilimon (4,5) - Bonfim (4,5), Luchin (5), Cisovsky (4), Sepsi (5,5) - Curtean (5), Bourceanu (4,5), Alexa (5), Contra (4) - Magera (4,5), Cociş (4,5)


Goga (4,5) for Bourceanu (min 45)
Parks (4,5) for Curtean (min 60)
Ionescu for Magera (min 74)

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