Dinamo - Poli 1:2 (0:1)

There is a big contrast between the importance of this victory and the actual quality of the game. The first half was easily one of the most boring ones we've played this season. Dinamo welcomed us with a highly improvised, cropped up line-up due to several absences on their part. I guess Poli just didn't bother seeing how weak their adversaries were, and as a consequence the first part was a just a mish-mash of wrong passes and uninspired play. We based our game on long passes, despite the fast one-touch passing style Sabău has been trying to impose for quite some matches now. This meant that we would let the opponents keep the ball more than us, but it was a great idea overall, because they just didn't prove dangerous at all, and in the end it brought our goal one minute before the half-time whistle. Contra lobbed the ball past the line of defense and Goga was one meter ahead of them since Boștină, forced to play left-back, eliminated the offside position. Goga shot on the near corner and the half ended with a relaxing 1-0 for us. The only other opportunity was a header from Cociș after a corner kick, but it was too central, and the keeper's reflex blocked it out.

The second half quickly brought us the second goal. Just three minutes in, an excellent pass from Sepsi, found us 3 against 2, with two more players coming forward. Still, Cociș decided to try his luck, and Curcă had no reaction as the ball went in at the near corner again.

As we have been accustomed, Poli relaxed a lot and through lack of concentration conceded a goal, which spiced things up, when the game could have easily and with no emotions went our way. The first sign was a powerful shot from 30 meters by Niculae. It was going right under the bar, but Taborda made an excellent save. With half an hour to go, a long cross had found the same Niculae inside the box, between Luchin and Bonfim, with Cisovsky nowhere in sight. From such a good position, the attacker easily executed Taborda with a shot a diagonal shot to the far corner.

Of course, the goal put fear on our players and Dinamo seemed more dangerous. N'Doye had a good shot from a sharp angle, but was blocked by Taborda. Towards the end, Poli managed to hold the ball a bit more and kept the danger way, except for conceding a free kick right in the last minute of added time. Fortunately, the cross couldn't be met by any players and this marked a historic win for Poli.

This is our first win on Dinamo's turf after 45 years! And since Sabău had already managed bust another myth by defeating them at home after 12 years, he enters history by becoming Poli's first coach to defeat Dinamo twice in the same season!

As far as this championship goes, CFR only managed a draw against Vaslui, which means there will be a very intense fight in the last 3 matches. Poli is third, just 2 points behind, but Urziceni has only one point difference. Vaslui and Steaua also wait for any missed step as they are only 2 points behind us.

A very interesting finale indeed.

Poli: Taborda (6) - Bonfim (5,5), Luchin (5,5), Cisovsky (5,5), Sepsi (6) - Curtean (6), Alexa (6), Contra (6,5), Bourceanu (6) - Cociş (6,5), Goga (6,5)


Dede for Curtean (min 77)
Parks for Cociş (min 81)
Maxim for Contra (min 86)

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