Poli - Shangdong 1:2 (0:1)

The team has returned to Lara, near Antalya, for the second leg of training. Without the Karamyan brothers who have signed with Steaua, but with Cosmin Contra back in the violet t-shirt. Čišovský has also joined the other players, but only to work in the gym on his recuperation. He estimates that he will be able to play an official game somewhere in April. The Angolan Dédé is also on the list, although for some unknown reason we do not know his medical situation after his injury during the first match of the African Cup of Nations.

A surprise is the drafting of Chițu (left midfielder) and of 3 young players from the second team, all midfielders: Răzvan Dobriceanu, Marian Fuchs, Alexandru Dudaş. Chițu was originally loaned to Bistrița, but, probably because of Artiom's departure made this opportunity possible.

The first match of the second leg, unfortunately, ended the same as the last one of the first leg. Shangdong are a Chinese team, currently on the 4th position in their league. The first half meant Sepsi's and Contra's first game for Poli. Despite the opportunities going only our way, the one's to score were the opponents, close to the end of the half. The second lineup included Chițu and Dobriceanu, and managed to score a goal through Mera, after a corner kick in the 52nd minute. Similar to the first half, the Chinese were the ones to score again, despite a lot of misses from Poli.

Sabău is quite upset with some of the players' attitudes, but let's hope they will be focused as the official matches draw near.

Video footage:

Poli lineup:

1st half: Pantilimon - Tiago Costa, Luchin, Nibombé, Sepsi - Contra, Bourceanu, Mejía - Goga, Vázquez, Mansour

2nd half: Supić - Scutaru, Mera, Brezinský, Chiţu - Alexa, Dobriceanu, Chiacu - Ionescu, Curtean, Magera

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