Poli - Gyeongnam 1-2 (0-1)

The second friendly match was also a defeat, against Korean side, Gyeongnam, who started with a 1-0 lead in the 12th minute. Despite a lot of chances and 10 corners in the first half, Poli couldn't equalise until the 52nd minute, when Mejia created a good opportunity, continued by Ionescu and finalized by Tiago Costa.

The Koreans scored soon afterward, after Mera committed a penalty. The game went haywire from here, because of the ref's decisions, sending people off and on the pitch. Poli missed some more chances and in the end went out as losers.

Video footage:

Poli lineup:

1st half: Supić - Bonfim, Luchin, Nibombe, Maxim - Curtean, Alexa, Bourceanu, Goga - Parks, Vázquez

2nd half: Taborda - Tiago Costa, Mera, Brezinský , Artiom Karamyan - Chiacu, Scutaru, Ionescu, Arman Karamyan - Magera, Mejía

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