Exit: Stage Left

Another melodramatic transfer season is closing in to an end, with lots of confirmations on this day.

Let's start with the soap operas. Surprise, surprise, Dayro Moreno won't be joining us, as he has a great desire to stay in his home country, Columbia. Also, Bucur will not leave, as the Russian messenger was probably lost in the cold waves of the Turkish sea and the negotiations could not even start.

Contra, who has been mostly watching football at Getafe, rather than playing it, managed to convince his manager to let him go. He will join Poli in Antalya on Saturday and will help the violets until the end of the season. Of course, this will probably be just a stopping point for him, as I don't think that Poli is the kind of club that can keep such a good player. Nevertheless, it is a great transfer, both for him, because he will get to play and keep the wheels turning, and for us, as the spot of right back is now covered.

And finally, another long story has gotten to its end. The club has amiably ended the deals with the Karamyan brothers. They were in their last 6 months of contract and were asking for a salary raise despite their performances being on a somewhat downward curve. The club tried to sell them but was unable to. The contract resiliation is an incredible goof if you ask me. They could have very well played their part in these last 6 months, Artiom being one of the key players. And the €150,000 which would have been their salary for the upcoming period, isn't such a big sum if you consider that the club was willing to spend €500,000 for Dayro's transfer. Even worse, it seems that the Armenians will join Steaua. Great strategy giving one of your best players to the adversary midway during a fight for the title, wouldn't you say?

All in all, this transfer period was actually very good for Poli, covering up for 2 weak spots in the lineup, and bringing 3 (4 if you count Mejia, too) players to keep up the pressure on the main players.

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