Pablo Vázquez signs with Poli

It is now official, the 27 year old Argentian striker has a signed contract with Poli. After Sepsi, this is another good looking transfer. Brought as a possible replacement for Gigel Bucur, Vázquez shares Magera's impressive build, being 1.87m tall, and a bit of Bucur's technical skills.

He boasts of a 15-goal average per season, and indeed, last year he has scored 19 in 33 appearances for his former team, Bolivian side "Club The Strongest" from La Paz. Besides having a great feel for the goal, I noticed that he is very good at protecting the ball, which at his stature, is no surprise. I think this will prove a very important skill, which might be decisive for Poli.

Of course you can't really tell his actual value from two clips of his goals, nor when he comes from a championship like Bolivia. But the club says they have been watching him for quite some time, so perhaps he is as good as he looks. Only time will tell.

In the meantime, the offer for Bucur has been purely fictive up to now, when Poli is ready to set out for the training sessions in Antalya. But the "field detectives" assure us that the negotiations between Kuban Krasnodar, Poli and the striker will take place in the Turkish resort. In the form of a message in a bottle, no doubt.

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