Pablo Vázquez interview

The new acquisition has offered an exclusive interview to "Gazeta Sporturilor". Here is the translation below:

Pablo, how did you get to sign with Poli? Was it a simple decision to come to Romania?
I was in my last year of contract in Bolivia, but my manager had relations in Romania. After I received the offer, I didn't even stop to think. It has always been a dream of mine to play in Europe. All South American players make themselves known when they play in strong European Championships, and the one in Romania is one of them.

What is your background?
I've loved football since I was a kid and my dream was to play in Argentina's top division. That came true, and afterwards I was given the opportunity to play in Bolivia where I felt great. Now I'm starting it all over.

The Brazilians' secret is that they play a lot of football on the beaches. What is the Argentinians' secret?
Football in the sand is very popular in Argentina, too. You gain many qualities if you start playing early in the sand. I, however, started on the streets, like all kids today. Even back then I liked scoring very much. I've only played in attack and I didn't accept any compromises because I was in love goals. Even on my first day at a professional club I made my point of playing as a striker.

At first impression you look like a "bad boy", a ruffian. How are you, actually?
Outside the pitch I'm always "tranquillo". I don't cause any trouble, I like to mind my own business. In a match, however, I always know what I have to do to prove myself.

What are your strong points in the field?
I like to fight for every ball and try long distance shots. I'm a powerful attacker, but I don't like to talk much about myself. I said that I score about 15 matches per season, but that is what an attacking player must do. It's his first obligation. I always try to score at least one goal in every match.

Your former club in Bolivia is called "The Strongest". Will you make Poli "The Strongest" in Romania?
I've heard that Poli is already a very good team. Of course our goal is to be the best. That's why I came here.

About the fans:
"I know that a lot of fans come to stadium. This is a great support for the players. I looked on the Internet, and I was impressed by what I saw about Poli's fans."

On his first day of training, he, Mansour and Sepsi got seperate treatment. It was a good opportunity to become friends with the latter, as Sepsi speaks good Spanish, having played for Santander. Vázquez has good things to say about him: "He already helps me a lot. He is a good guy."

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