One man enters, one man leaves

This will be a two in one, interviews with two players in opposite situations. On the one hand, Dejan Rusič and Poli will part ways, while Dédé will join the team after competing in the African Cup of Nations. Let's start with the sad story first.

Dejan Rusič leaves the team after having scored against all major opponents, but has been in bad shape for at least the last year, and has been surpassed by his other colleagues in attack. Thus, no longer needed, he feels he, and the club, have done the right decision to end the contract amicably.

However, the Slovenian has nothing but regret for departing from the club, especially from the fans. "I have no right words to say how much they meant to me and how good they've made me feel the whole period I was here. I will always remember them. They were incredible. I leave Timișoara with great sadness. Such a great public makes you feel like a big football player. They said they will keep me in their hearts.... How can I answer that? I can't think of anything to say to make them know how much I appreciate them."

A big cause in Dejan's shape has been his troublesome back injury. "At one point there was even the possibility of me having to retire. I was beginnning to prepare myself with the thought, until I met some great doctors in Germany, who've promised to put me back on my feet. My manager told me I already have some good offers, but I don't want foolish hopes. Right now, all I want is to be healthy, and only after that I can concentrate on my career." The next period has the Slovenian going to check-ups in Germany, and hopefully in 3 weeks he can return to the pitch.

We wish him the best of health! And, Dejan, we will always remember you! Take care!

Dédé describes himself as ambitious and identifies with Poli's spirit. This is what determined him to leave French side Arles, where things weren't going too well, and to come to Timișoara, where he has the opportunity to fight for the title. "It will be a test for me, which I will have to pass" is how Dédé sums up his determination.

The Angolan plays midfield and describes himself as "full of energy, the kind of player that works hard the entire game". He also says that he likes both to come back to defend, and to push upward towards the goal.

Not knowing his teammates very well yet, Dédé hopes they will support him, as he will surely help them whenever they need.

But for now, I think his thoughts are towards another team and another competition - the African Cup of Nations, where Angola are hosts, and Dédé will surely want to make a good show.

Let's wish him good games, but what's most important is for him to come back safe.

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