Medical status and other news

Cisovsky is due to return in March, which means that the problems in the center of defence will persist, at least in the begin of the season restart, but perhaps even more, until the Slovak is at full form and at level with the rest of the team. I think Brezinsky should be kept, at least until the summer. He may just be the backup needed.

Supić will be sent to more detailed medical examinations as his ankle problems just won't quit and he has not been at maximum capacity at all. This may be one of the reasons that Taborda will not be let go, after all. I think it's important that all three goalkeepers stay united and try to outperform each other. A good competitive spirit is what Poli needs for the goalie position.

And in the misc. section, it seems that Contra's transfer is as good as done, all that is needed being Getafe's accord. Other than that, Bucur will leave.... sometime, Alexa is wanted, and outside it's raining. Or maybe not. I didn't look.

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