Mejía joins the team in Antalya

After a slight problem with his visa, Christian Mejía has finally arrived on Turkish shores to prepare alongside the team he will play for, for at least the next 5 months. He too, offered a few words for Poli's official site:

"I was very happy when I heard that I can finally play for Poli. I can now prove that all the efforts to bring me here were worthwile. I feel good and I will push hard to be at 100% at the championship restart. My goal is to be fit to play for the first game. If the coach will need me, of course. The period up to now, when I couldn't play for Poli, has been very hard. It's the most difficult situation for a football player, not being able to play."

"Timișoara is a top team, with good technical skills. I think that this year its value will only go up and we will be able to win the title. I'm happy that all this time, people have been supporting me and were interested about me. But now I have to play well in order to thank for the club's, my teammates' and the fans' beneficial support. I want my perforamnce to reflect the sacrfifices made by my transfer to Timișoara!"

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