Debut for Nemanja Supić?

Poli has brought Nemanja Supić as a third goalkeeper and as a possible contender for Pantilimon's spot in the starting team. Despite being capped in the Bosnia and Herzegovina national team, he has yet to play in a match for Poli. Even in games where the substitutes were sent in, Taborda was preferred instead. The reasons behind this are unknown.

For tomorrow's match against Gaz Metan Mediaş, however, as Pantilimon is suspended, Supić seemed to be favourite, were it not for a slight injury. The goalkeeper explains: "I've had a hard blow to my right leg. It isn't serious, the ball hit me in an unfortunate manner, and I felt some pain. But I think I will be able to play on Sunday."

He is, of course, eager to play his first match for Timişoara, as he also fears that he won't be called by the national team. On the other hand, he says that the times when he felt nervous on his debut match are far behind and that he is prepared to give his best and assure us that he was a good acquisition.

Nemanja also speaks about the reasons he has not yet got a chance to play: "At first I had some problems with the visa, then I had to join the national team early. Being always away, I had little chance to prove my worth. To add to that, I wasn't on my top shape. Even I cannot be satisfied with the way I presented myself to the technical staff."

If the match against Mediaş will indeed be his first, we hope it will not leave its mark on himself, as it did last year on Taborda. Receiving 5 goals, 3 by his own mistakes, that match meant the end for the Brazilian as top goalie for Poli.

When asked about the Romanian championship, Supić had praises for Unirea's ambitious play against Sevilla and saw Rapid, Steaua and CFR Cluj as playing quality football. He also thinks Poli has a good chance for the title.

Happy debut, Nemanja! And pretty soon we hope!

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