Marian Cisovsky's Frustration

It's still 4 more months far from the football pitch for Marian Cisovsky. Problems started from the second-leg match against Stuttgart. Initially, doctors said that surgery is necessary but that it can be delayed for the winter break. Second opinions however, lead to the Slovak player getting under the knife much earlier. 6 months off was the verdict.

The funny thing (as can be called this way in such situations) is that he had no pains, only a feeling that something was wrong. "The first days were terrible. It all came all of a sudden." Cisovsky recounts. "I never thought I would have to bear something like that." We can understand such anguish, especially considering that not much time has passed since spring, when the 28 year old defender had to deal with a nagging arm injury, which had him play several games with bandages.

He goes on to share his torment: "When I see my teammates going on the pitch to practice, while I'm stuck in the gym.... I hate that gym!" and also his hopes for the future: "In January I can start running again, and in March, I can come back to the field. It's very hard for me even to watch football. But I am going to support the team in the next match, against Dinamo." He regrets missing this match, as he was hoping to make up for last year's dispute, when we lost 0-3 at home. One of the goals was a shot unhapilly deflected by our central defender.

Indeed, his presence in the team is greatly missed as he was one of the pillars of defense. Without him, Poli has to count on the young and less experienced Mera and Scutaru, or the sometimes fragile Nibombe. The outcome could be seen in some of the poorer results in the championship, but also in the Europa League, which Cisovsky greatly regrets not taking part in despite having a great contribution to the team's qualification.

On a brighter side, as parting thoughts I give you Marian Cisovsky's words about his life in Timi┼čoara, where the Slovak is accompanied by his loving family - wife Martina and his two sons - 4 year old Maros and 1 year old Martin.

"I'm feeling very well here. I have managed very good performances, also thanks to the team. It's quite different to Slovakia, where there are only two big sides that are fighting for the title, as opposed to Romania, where there are eight or nine very close at the top. But I enjoy a bigger contest."

Get well soon, Marian! Poli needs you!

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Anonymous said...

It was very interesting for me to read this article. Thank you for it. I like such themes and everything that is connected to this matter. I definitely want to read a bit more on that blog soon.

Andrei Vajna II said...

Thank you very much! I'm glad that you find it interesting, that was my goal. I'll keep writing such articles, but I depend on local newspapers to produce such material. It would be better if the club published it's magazine more often, there were some very interesting interviews in there. But for the moment it seems halted.