Tickets Politehnica - Partizan

The official website of Politehnica has announced the ticket prices as well as the locations where these will be sold.

North/South Stands: 25 Ron (= aprox. 7 Euros)

- on the seating plan these are marked as Peluza Sud (South Stand) and Peluza Nord (North Stand)
- the South Stand is where the CVUCS Politehnica fans are "seated"

First and Second Stands: 45 RON (= aprox. 13 Euros)

- on the seating plan these are marked as Tribuna 2 (Second Stand) and Tribuna 1 (First Stand)

Zero Stand: 80 RON (= aprox. 23 Euros)

- on the seating plan these are marked as Tribuna 0

Executive seats: 120 RON (= aprox. 34 Euros)

- on the seating plan these are directly "above" the Zero Stand, part of the small grey area

The tickets can bought in various places around Timisoara on Sunday (one of which is in the city center, next to the Opera building) and from Monday onwards they can only be bought at the ticket shops around the stadium.

For further information you can call one of the following numbers at the club:

+40 0256 487880
+40 0723 363602

If you are running about looking for the stadium, you'll probably do well to look for the County Hospital of Timisoara and as soon as you start reaching it, you'll notice the stadium. As a guiding address, try to be looking for Aleea FC Ripensia, but take note that that is a one way street leaving away from the stadium.


RapidHammer said...

Hi, I'm a football fan from Austria. I am going to stay in Timisoara on Wednesday and Thursday and would like to watch the UEFA Cup game against Partizan. Do you think I will be able to buy tickets on the day of the game or the day before?
Greetings from Vienna

FcPoliFan said...

Frankly speaking, I doubt you will be able to buy one then. I mean, it's definitely a risk.

Maybe you can try calling the club and reserve a ticket somehow. They might just hold one for you.