Artiom Karamyan Interview (yes, again!)

Andrei Craiotoiu interviewed Artiom Karamyan after the win against Craiova, and the Armenian was in a very expansive mood. The article was published in GSP.

“God, I can’t believe it!”. These were the first words of Artiom Karamyan after Sorin Corpodean’s whistled the end of the match. He yelled, disfigured with joy, surrounded by his team mates. Then he gave us an interview.

R: Artiom, it was a crazy match!

AK: Crazy? That doesn’t even begin to describe it. We experienced this match at maximum intensity. It was insane, an insane match, insane! It’s hard for me to say anything else, I’m absolutely thrilled.

R: Did you still believe you could win at 0-1?

AK: If you don’t believe in winning, there’s no point playing. We conceded a goal from the penalty spot and said to ourselves that we need to equalize quickly. We were hoping to score on every opportunity. Then Gigel Bucur’s goal came and we were unshackled.

R: Hard against Craiova?

AK: As always, it was difficult. Last year we didn’t win any points against them, now we have three. And we won’t forget about the home match, where we’ll also want the points. We want to win everything.

R: What’s the secret of a team that manages to score three goals in five minutes?

AK: Mister Uhrin! He’s brilliant. He Gigel Bucur on the pitch and we managed to turn the game around. Who’d have thought, at 1-0 for Craiova, that we’d score three times? Nobody! Mr. Uhrin and ourselves believed until the last minute. It all went his way, he’s great!

R: You scored the last goal, who do you want to dedicate it to?

AK: My family, the fans and my team mates. I’m happy I scored and I did it with the help of my team mates. If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t have been able to score. We’re a family here, united!

R: Over 1000 fans came from Timisoara to see the match.

AK: I heard them all the time. You play differently when these people support you. It’s very important for us that they’re standing by us at every match. At 0-1 they were singing louder and louder! We had to match them, so we changed gears.

R: Is there additional pressure after the six point penalty of the RFF (Romanian Football Federation)?

AK: Honestly, I don’t understand why the RFF took those points from us, I don’t know what they were thinking. Now we have to work even harder to get back to the top. We’ll do it, we’ll win and we’ll be a force to be reckoned with, but it’s incomprehensible to us why this happened.

R: You played in yellow-black, but still violet was predominant in the fans’ stands.

AK: We are Poli, we are the Viola team, there is no other white-violet team in Romania. We will prove that we deserve to be Poli and I hope we’ll get our points back.

R: Was the decision unjust?

AK: It’s some madness from those who took the decision. We worked for those six points and someone just came over night and mocked our work. We will work until we die for the white-violet colors!

R: Do you think the ownership change will matter?

AK: It’s hard to say. For me, and I think for everyone else in the team, it’s important to play our best and win. It’s of lesser importance who the team owner is, what matters is that we give our lives on the pitch and work hard for the wins.

R: The next match is an important UEFA Cup encounter!

AK: Oh, yes! It’s good that we managed to win at Craiova to keep our minds clear. It will surely be a difficult match, because we’re going there to prove what we’re capable of. We’re playing for Romania, we’re playing to show who Poli is!

R: Is it hard for you to say who’ll win?

AK: I’m too happy now to think about the match against Partizan at this time. Probably in a few hours I’ll be thinking only about that. Everybody wants a win and a qualification in the group stages.

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