Poli - UTA 2:0 (1:0)

It was an easy match today against UTA, with Poli controlling the game from start to finish, defeating their arch-rivals for the second time in a row. In front of over 30,000 expectant fans, the white-violets produced a sturdy display of football, overpowering their opponenets through sheer talent and tactics.

UTA hand one of their few chances early on, when Todea sent a long shot which whistled over the bar, and but for Baltoi narrowly reaching a good cross, there was really little the Arad based team's game amounted to. On the other hand, Poli had two good opportunities before opening the score, both through Arman Karamyan. The Armenian wasn't as forgiving the third time around, as the ball reached him following a free-kick taken by his brother, and Arman scored his second in two games with a powerful shot! Poli then had another two chances, but opposing goalie Tudor saved his team from going two nil down.
There was little he could do in the debut of the second half though, as Aliuta ploughed through the field, sent a long cross, Tudor only got the tip of his fingers to the ball which ended up at Abiodun's feet, the Nigerian converting with a well placed finish! The white-violets then retreated a bit, but UTA's lack of courage and determination meant that Popa was hardly challenged throughout the rest of the game. Portuguese striker Edson came close to pulling one back in the last ten minutes of the game, but the Poli goalie saved well. Gigel Bucur could have taken his tally to fifteen goals this season, if Tudor hadn't been decisive once more, in the dying moments of the match. 2:0 and UTA seem to be heading hastily towards the second league, while Poli can even set their sight on a Champions League spot.

All foreign players did well today, with a particular emphasis on Arman Karamyan, Borbely, Brezinsky and Abiodun. Milhazes was a bit less inspired, sending many bad crosses, while Artiom played at the level he let us get so used with, being outshadowed just by the mere fact that his brother scored once more.

Poli: Popa (6) - Milhazes (5,5), Cânu (6), Brezinsky (6,5), Bădoi (6) - Art. Karamyan (6), Aliuţă (6,5), Borbely (6,5), Abiodun (6,5) - Ganea (5,5), Arm. Karamyan (6,5); Bucur (6), Bălan and Latovlevici replaced Arman, Aliuţă and Abiodun in the 70th, 88th and 92nd minutes.

You can watch the goals here (Arman) and here (Abiodun).

The next match is Wednesday, away, against 7th placed FC Vaslui.

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