FC Vaslui - Poli 3:0 (3:0)

A horrendous match by Poli's defence today ! Two early goals and a penalty before half-time sealed an abysmal performance against Vaslui.

It was Aliuta who made the first game-turning mistake in the second minute, when after a corner kick, the ball was punched by Popa and the Poli midfielder tried to kick it away and instead kicked it back into the penalty area, to Dorian Andronic; the young Vaslui defender kept his composure and scored a fine goal. Just a few minutes later it was Popa's turn to make a blunder, as he rushed out of goal at another corner kick, but missed the ball, which left Zmeu with an easy chance which he took and converted. Poli tried to bounce back but it was useless, the only mentionable scoring opportunity being that of Luchin, whose header was saved by Haisan. Just before the break Brezinsky commited a sloppy hand-ball and the ref gave the home side a penalty, which was converted by Ljubinkovic.
The second half started a bit better for Poli, with Bucur's shot being smothered by Haisan. Ganea then received a very fine pass from the same Bucur, but the former couldn't reach the ball, which ended up in the goalie's hands. Abiodun was fouled in the 61st minute in the Vaslui penalty area, but the ref "rewarded" the Nigerian with a yellow card instead of a warranted penalty kick. Not even ten minutes later, Poli were reduced to ten men, when Ljubkinovic broke free of the last defender, Brezinsky tried to catch up, but only managed to hack the Serb down and saw a direct red card. Not much happened until the end of the match, with only Ganea and Arman Karamyan wasting a good scoring chance, to at least spare the team of a goalless match.

So it was a lousy match with everyone playing lousily, except perhaps Abiodun and Bucur. There's really little left to say, but for the hope of recovering until the next match, this weekend, against Dacia Mioveni.

Poli: Popa (4) - Milhazes (5), Brezinsky (3), Luchin (4,5), Bădoi (5) - Art. Karamyan (5,5), Borbely (5,5), Aliuţă (4), Abiodun (6) - Arm. Karamyan (5), Ganea (5,5). Aliuţă was replaced by Bucur (6), who in turn was replaced by Srhoj (5,5) due to an injury.

You can find videos of the goals here.

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