A Karamyan Brothers Interview

I've been rather quiet of late, for which I apologize. In order to make up for it, I've translated a recent interview with Artiom and Arman Karamyan (taken by Vali Silaghi, of ProSport), who donated US$ 8,000 to a children's hospice a few days ago.

R: How did you come to think of of donating money to the children's hospice?

Ks: When it's about children, we think that we need to help if we can and I don't want to talk more about this, we are happy we could do it, all three of us (note: obviously referring to their brother who is, if I'm not mistaking, their agent/manager). We are glad we could do a good thing for them and we wish them to be healthy and happy. We promise to also help out in the future, wherever there is need.

R: What are your expectations for the rest of the season?

Ks: I am worried about the weather, it might snow or the pitch might be frozen, which is not good. Anyway, we have to play and it's important to win matches, in order to reach the European cups.

R: Several teams claim they want the title...

Ks: We aren't interested in who says what, for us all that matters is winning the next match, Sunday at 18:30.

R: On which position do you think the team can end the season?

Ks: I don't want to guess now, it's important to win every match and be serious in everything we do.

R: Politehnica President Marian Iancu claims he wants at least eight points in the next four rounds...

Ks: I think we need to win all matches, and I'd also want us to win away, against Rapid. I'm not saying this to irritate the players there, I've spent two and a half years at Rapid, I feel at home, but a win for us there would be very important.

R: Is Poli better now, compared to the first part of the season?

Ks: You will see it when the season restarts. We mainly wish for the weather to be on our side, because you saw what happened at Novi Sad, it snowed and we couldn't play (note: the last friendly of the pre-season was canceled because of this). But we have to win on any weather, that's how I think about it.

R: About the new players?

Ks: We get along very well, they are good players, we've helped them adapt and they help us on the pitch and I think we can beat any team.

So don't forget, first match is Sunday at 18:30 local time (GMT +2), away against Pandurii Targu Jiu!

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