Borbely Interview

In what is obviously an excess of spare time, I've come to translate another interview, this time with the Slovakian international Balasz Borbely. It was published in Gazeta Sporturilor.

"I'm Ready!"

R: Balasz, does Poli have, at this time, a team capable of playing in the European Cups?

B: It's hard to tell now, because I haven't seen the other teams in the league play yet. I do know for certain though that we have high quality players.

R: You've played in the Champions League. What does a football player feel when he reaches that level?

B: It's hard to describe in words, you have to experience such a match from the pitch. Everybody knows what games in the Champions League mean. It's too early to talk about Poli and the Champions League in the same sentence. We have to approach each match at a time and stay focused. Who knows what the next year will bring?

R: Your first match is the one against Pandurii. Are you ready?

B: Yes, Im ready. I don't have any problems whatsoever now. I'm totally prepared. The first game is always the most difficult one, but it all comes down to us. We don't know them very well, but we'll probably watch more tapes until Sunday.

R: How is Timisoara?

B: It's even more beautiful than Bratislava! I often walk around the city and I see many young people, students, who - I believe - like football a lot. I have everything I need here to be calm and keep concentrated just on football.

R: Poli suffered plentiful in defense, in the first part of the season.

B: Yes, I've heard of that. Perhaps we still need a bit of time. The defensive play has to involve the whole team and that's what we all need to understand. I believe however that it will be much better, because we have a manager who involves himself a lot in order to improve this situation.

R: Have you made any friends at Poli?

B: I get along very well with "Lionel" Ganea. I've talked to him and he helped me get integrated quickly. As he's played in Germany, it was much easier for us to communicate. "Lionel" is always up to something, but he's a great guy.

And here is a picture of the five winter transfers.

Photo: Istvan Sasz, Prosport

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