The Day Before

For those who don't know where we stood, at the end of last season:

1. We finished 7th in the Championship, behind teams which (at least on paper) are far inferior than Poli and have invested far less (Gloria Bistrita, Otelul Galati)

2. We had four different managers:
  • Sorin Cartu (last person to have won the Championship with a non-Bucharest team - not of much use to us, though);
  • Alin Artimon (came in as a temporary solution, seemed to be a permanent one, resigned shortly after the season re-run);
  • Iosif Rotariu (manager of our second team, usually steps in for a few matches - did so this year too);
  • Valentin Velcea (ex-assistant manager of Hagi and Cartu, also ex-Poli player, he seemed to have turned the team spirit around and won five consecutive matches in the Championship, but his decisions in preparing for the Romanian Cup Final were at least debatable if not straight out bad)

3. We reached the Romanian Cup Final, as hinted above, but lost it against Rapid Bucharest, although the match was played in Timisoara. What a sad and distasteful night!

These were last season's achievements - if I dare call them so - and as has been customary in the last years, they were far below everyone's expectations. Yet, most reckon it all comes down to the manager, and with four different (inexperienced some) managers you cannot attain a high level of performance.

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