Another New Beginning

It does take time, does it not? To start over, and everything...

Well, I've been pondering the issue for eons - whether to make another English version of my blog (ex-website) or not. Downside of it is, that I have to update it regularly if I am to maintain any decent level of self respect; and the second little glitch may be that there are scarcely any non-Romanian speaking fans out there.

But I guess it's worth a try, given that our manager is of Czech origins and we also boast quite a few foreign players who might have some adoring admirerers out there. I'll do my best to keep you updated in the weeks to come and my first move will probably be a short recap of the first month with Dusan Uhrin in charge. In a few days, or so.

1 comment:

Daniel said...

Well... you are not that aloane out there we will follow your pages as usual; so... keep up with the good work! "Fortza Poli"