Radical Changes

You may have noticed the lack of match reports from the championship. That's because we want to change the format a bit. Instead of boring recounts, we thought it would be interesting to have periodical reviews - probably one every month. We will give you the results, but the focus will be to talk about the general direction of the team, which players sparked, which were awful and so on. We'll still have individual reports and previews of the European matches, although for this season those are about to end quite soon.

We'd also like to receive feedback from you, our readers. What would you like to read and know about Poli? Because this blog is for you. So if you have any suggestions, feel free to leave a comment to this post. We won't mind if you also tell us a few about yourself, where you are from, what relates you to Poli and whatever else you like. We're not pushing you, of course.

Expect to see the first review on Friday, after the match against Manchester City.

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