Match preview: Manchester City - Poli

There's not much to say about this game, as there is very little hope for us. Perhaps if we somehow manage to score first, things will get interesting. But it's going to be very hard. Manchester City already know us, and they will probably be more direct than the first leg.

Thus there can be an issue on how to approach this game? Should we play defensively like in the home match, to avoid a shameful defeat, or should we risk it all and let our hope die last? If you ask me, I'd go for the latter, because it's the honorable way to go, and you don't know when miracles might just happen.

Our advantage is that Mancini still insists to play it safe, the good old Italian way, and the million dollar players will probably treat us very superficially. Our only hope is to take them by a very big surprise.

Cisovsky will miss this match because of an injury, so it is very possible to see a fully Romanian lineup. And since we're talking about lineups, there is also the possibility to rest the key players for the very important upcoming away match against Steaua Bucharest in the championship, on Sunday evening. But Zicu, Tames seem to not be at 100%, and cannot handle a full match, and the other players haven't showed much when given the chance. Perhaps some of the youngsters on the list could be used, but I have yet to see a coach take such a decision, so I'm betting on a standard lineup for this match.

Go Poli!

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