How's Dare been doing?

Dare Vršič was lent this winter to FC Koper in his home country. This proves to have been an excellent move, both for the club, but especially for Dare's career. After his awful injury that kept him away from the pitch for more than a year, he was having a hard time getting back in form and he wasn't able to make the team. That is what lead to his loan.

Well, FC Koper, who've never won a championship in their history, are on first position, way ahead with 11 points from the 2nd placed team with only 6 games to go. Dare Vršič has had a big contribution to this achievement, his stats showing 6 goals and 4 assists in just 8 matches, which is already twice as many as he scored for Poli in 3 years, over 21 matches. The 6 goals started with a whopping 35 meter long shot and has culminated with a hat-trick in the last match, which you can enjoy here. His performance may be due to the position he plays for Koper. They play a rather unusual 4-2-3-1, with Dare on the right side, close to the attacker, so he can be quite offensive.

But still, it's amazing how big a difference there is between what he showed here and what he is showing now. Could it be that he wasn't used right? Is it that Poli's game can never be suited to include Dare Vršič? Perhaps, the answer to this we will find out after the summer, when he should return to Timișoara.

If not even now he can't be useful to the team, then I say that he should be let go wherever he feels best. This move to Koper is great for his career as it gives him hope and belief in himself, that he has recuperated nicely from his injury and that he can play excellent football. Also, this is a great opportunity to have a good return to his national team and become a key player.

Until we meet again, we wish you maximum success, Dare!

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