Poli - Urziceni 0:0

It took me a while to get here (Andrei's absence being, thus, more than obvious), but I'm here now and I'll do a short recap of Sunday's match.

Poli and Unirea played good football, even if the scoring opportunities were few and in between - particularly in the first half. The referee proved to be the more controversial figure of the day, as he refused two penalties - one for each side - and came to some dubious decisions at more mundane moments of the match.

Unirea had two good chances to begin with, after a free-kick and the following corner kick, but Taborda confirmed he deserves the first eleven spot and made two essential saves. The away side went on to control the match for about twenty minutes, before the tides started to turn. Bourceanu signalled Poli's intentions with a long range shot, before a very strong move on the left, lead by Chitu, allowed the midfielder to cross, but Goga couldn't finish from an excellent position.

The second-half was more entertaining than the first, with the white-violets constantly sampling their determination and their desire to win. After Luchin made a long and seemingly useless run, he forced a corner-kick off the Unirea goalkeeper and the two most important scoring opportunities of the match followed: first, Mera headed the ball towards the top corner, but the goalkeeper made was well positioned to manage the save for another corner-kick, and then Goga volleyed the ball with power, but the goalie was once more at the right place with impressive reflexes.

When one of Unirea's players ran into Taborda's raised foot, the away side were looking to receive a penalty, despite the obvious case, which was that it was a rash run by the striker in a situation wherein he had no chance of challenging for the ball. Just a couple of minutes later, the linesman signalled a clear handball in the Unirea penalty area, but Mr. Kovacs decided, "for" his better judgement, to ignore it. Despite the tension, little else happened unitl the final whistle, which sealed a match that, like so many others, could've gone our way, with a bit of luck.

Poli: Taborda (6,5) - Luchin (6,5), Mera (6), Nibombe (6), Sepsi (6) - Chiacu (5,5), Alexa (6,5), Bourceanu (5), Chitu (6) - Goga (6), Parks (6)


Contra (6) for Chiacu (min 45)
Magera (5,5) for Parks (min 67)
Mejia for ChiĊ£u (min 77)

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